Demi Lovato Lets Lovatics Plan European Tour!

May 5, 2014


Demi Lovato is taking ┬áher successful tour; ‘Neon Lights’ to Europe, and what’s even better?! She’s letting all of her European Lovatics plan her 2014 show stops! Yes, you heard right, Demi is letting her fans pick the stops she makes on her upcoming tour!

Demi, recently took to the internet and let fans know that she needs your, yes YOUR help to plan her tour! In a 50 second video, Demi flashed her crazy tour life in short clips before giving fans the news of a lifetime. ┬áDemi has partnered with Shazam to do something that has never been done before! Demi and Shazam have come to the agreement that when a Lovatic hears her smash single ‘Neon Lights’, all they have to do is shazam the track if they want her to be in a city near them. shazaming the song will collect data that they will later use to determine where and when Demi will be in their city!

So European Lovatics, do you want Demi in your city?! Well, then what you have to do is very simple! Whenever you hear ‘Neon Lights’ make sure you whip out that phone, tell your friends to do the same, and shazam it! Being able to plan Demi’s tour in one of the easiest ways possible is a win/win! I mean, not only would you have gotten to see her in concert, but you hand picked her to be there!

Demi is definitely upping the game for other pop stars her age, as she is the first to do something like this! Which can only make me hope that this trend will pick up sooner or later! Because, who wouldn’t want to tell their favorite artist where they want to see them?! Fingers crossed, right?!

If you want to see the message from Demi herself, you can check out the video below:

European Lovatics, make sure you help Demi out with her tour, as you only have until the end of May to decide where she performs!

What do you all think of Demi’s new tour idea?! Let us know @weknowthedj!

-Dominique H. (nique1992)

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