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April 11, 2014

youtube-logo-with-fire-52Here’s what you have to understand: when I’m not in class, at Chipotle, or playing outside with my neighbor’s pug, you can almost always find me on my computer with at least 12 YouTube tabs open to the latest and greatest videos or songs that I’ve either found, or that have been sent to me by someone else. It’s safe to say, I don’t let many videos on YouTube get past me, and if they do, it’s YOUR job to let me know about them! What I’ve done, is compiled a list of five YouTube videos that have recently come to my attention, and are essential to your Youtube browsing experience. I’ve included a variety of songs, covers and even a Vlog, so put that Chem homework aside (you can always just Google what a dissected frog looks like) and check out what you might’ve missed:

5.) “Rather Be (Clean Bandit Feat. Jess Glynne Acoustic Cover)” – Alexa Goddard

Alexa Goddard, an artist from the UK, absolutely crushes Clean Bandit’s recent hit “Rather Be” while walking around the picturesque areas of Los Angeles, and showing off her incredible vocal range. Alexa Goddard has been covering songs on YouTube for a while now, and is absolutely worthy of a follow on Twitter, subscribing to her YouTube channel, and is just a general artist to watch out for! 

4.) “It’s My Party” – Icona Pop (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, this jam is sure to have you turning the volume ALL the way up, waking your roommates or parents, only to find out that they didn’t wake up to yell at you, but rather to join the dance party that is absolutely happening in your room right now! Icona Pop is just one of those groups that can’t miss!

3.) “DayToday: SXSW 2014 – Part 2 of 3” – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s been doing his “DayToday” series on YouTube for years now, and they never fail to entertain. They usually include a behind-the-scenes look at his life, partying with his entourage, footage from his shows and adventures abroad. This is his most recent DayToday, which follows Wiz around the SXSW festival, enjoying his time in the company of other artists as well.

2.) “Draft Day” – Drake

Drake recently released some new heat in honor of the upcoming NFL draft, where his good friend, former Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny Manziel, is expected to be a top five pick. The track flawlessly samples a snippet from Lauryn Hill’s timeless classic, “Doo Wop” and has Drake delivering another solid verse to add to his arsenal of hits.

1.) “Timeflies Tuesday: Cruise” – Timeflies

Timeflies recently released their latest video as a part of their everlasting “Timeflies Tuesday” series on YouTube. This time, Timeflies mixes up Florida Georgia Line’s smash hit, “Cruise” and makes it their own, including lead vocalist Cal Shapiro’s usual freestyle verses, while pulling random words and phrases out of his shoe to incorporate into his freestyle.

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-Norman P. (@Earlybird410)

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