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April 2, 2014

With their full studio album set to release April 29th, our favorite Pop-Techno duo are on top of their teasing game! Releasing tracks like Swoon, I Choose U and All The Way, Timeflies is giving us a taste as to what we should expect on the album. So far, all we want is more.


As a final  glimpse into what may be a compilation of their best music yet, we were given the track “Fall.” Are we introducing you to Timeflies for the first time? Not to worry… you’re about to fall in love!

Take a song that makes you feel every emotion you are able to, and another that gets you up on your feet wanting to dance- you’ve got the musical jackpot that Cal and Rez have reached through their craft. They’ve taken music far beyond “feel good.”

“Whatchu lookin’ for/Feelin’ like you’ll never find/You spend the money but it never seems like you spend the time” opens up the song with a trustworthy drum beat to support your head bopping. Cal sings to us and urges not to live too fast, missing those precious moments in life.

The beat comes to a halt, keeping up with a steady roll in the background while he sings, ” ‘Cause we get so high that we just fall (fall)/Don’t need sleep tonight to dream this song/So come on on/’Cause you know/Whatchu want/Here we go.”

The track continues to exude confidence in the most trustworthy way, rather than cocky. He knows what he wants, and he’s telling us we know it too! So why not go for it?


Def Jam Signee and Brooklyn’s own Fabulous joins in for a complimenting verse throwing in plays on words when he raps, “Get so high/Cheap seats,” referring to concert seating that tends to be economically friendlier due to location. Of course, he leaves us with some inspiration with the line, “I know the top is where I’m goin’/even though the bottom is where I’m from” to let us know he places his bets on hope, whenever he can.

Plug in your headphones and lose yourself within the 3 minutes and 8 seconds of this track, you might just gain some insight.

Are you anywhere near Arizona? If so, 104.7 KISS FM is giving you a chance to see Timeflies LIVE at Copper Blues for 7pm! The best part? IT’S FREE! Check out their website for the details.

If you enjoyed this track as much as we did, there’s more. An album full of new music is what Timeflies is offering you and you can Pre-Order After Hours on iTunes now! (http://smarturl.it/iAfterHours )

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-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)

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