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April 18, 2014

Ed Sheeran - Dan Curwin

23-year-old Edward Christopher Sheeran has the talent and persona that can be expected of an industry veteran. Most don’t know it, but his years of activity in music began in early 2005. About 9 years into his career and he has already won plenty of awards, 2 of which being Brit Awards. He has been nominated in over a dozen category including 4 Grammy’s. Some of the milestones he has surpassed, many artists wouldn’t get near in 3 decades.


To shed some light onto Sheeran’s history, he was born in Halifax, England and raised in Framlingham. In 2008 when his pursuit of music peaked, he decided to move to London in hopes of kick starting a career; which is exactly what happened.

Before setting off to London, Ed had already began recording. From the work he had done in 2005 came the product of his first EP, The Orange Room. This got him where he needed to be in London so he would start playing small venues. With the urge to set out and do more for himself, Ed recalls reading an interview with James Morrison who said he had done 200 gigs in one year. So of course, in the year 2009 Ed surpassed his expectations and performed a total of 312 gigs. It was then that his second EP You Need Me was released before he got the chance to set off on tour with Just Jack.

There still wasn’t much noise about his music until his third EP made its way out. The critically acclaimed EP Loose Change was a game changer whether he knew it or not at the time, because it included his first hit single “The A Team.” With such positive reception of his EP, Ed made an impulse purchase of a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. With no contacts or a plan other than an open poetry night he planned on attending. His lengthy stay in LA included many open mic nights and small gigs around the city. The most significant of them all was when he was spotted at The Foxxhole by Jamie Foxx himself. Seeing the potential in the young act, Jamie set him up at his place and offered him all the resources to begin recording music.

From then on his fan base began to grow through YouTube, Twitter, and the continuous intimate shows he played.

Without any label promotion, Ed released an independent EP No.5 Collaborations Project that reached No.2 on the iTunes charts, grabbing the attention of mainstream media. Not long after, Ed was signed to Asylum/Atlantic Records.

His story is one of success, that cannot be argued but what says more about an artist is what he does with that success. If it wasn’t enough to only continue creating amazing music, he has placed himself on a platform of doing good.

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Just this past month Ed visited young Triona after the hashtag #SongForTri had trended worldwide. Triona was not just any fan, she was a fan with a final wish to hear her idol sing to her. In the final stages of Cystic Fibrosis Ed visited the young girl and sang one of her favorites “Little Bird” to her. The words to his song then became the last words she would ever hear as she took her last breath to his melodies.

As an extraordinary artist, Ed Sheeran deserves the spotlight more than anyone. We applaud his talents and his use of his great success.

Ed recently released a single “Sing” which has been flying up the charts. It’s a unique sound with a fun beat!

Check out Ed’s new track and tweet us at @weknowthedj to let us know what you think of him! Whether you’re a long-time fan or newly introduced.

-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)

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