Soulja Boy Sets the World on ‘Fire’ in New Music Video!

April 29, 2014



Soulja Boy tell ’em is back with new music, and judging from the title, it’s a hot track!

This past Easter weekend, Soulja Boy took to iTunes and released his new album ‘Super Dope’ which contains newest single ; “Fire”.

“Fire”, which was accompanied by a music video directed by Grizz Lee has taken much of the internet by storm as Soulja Boy lets fans everywhere know that; yes he is still here and yes he does still have it.

The music video for the single “Fire” which features a cameo from a very familiar face – Khalil, is simple, yet captivating. The beginning of the video features a solo Soulja Boy in a cloud of smoke, flashing wads of cash, ¬†showcasing his large chains, and letting the world know that he’s got the streets on fire. ¬†Soulja Boy is shown at different places, from a complete red room with Khalil to a simple black room. Soulja Boy even gives us a glimpse at his preferred ride – showing us his red, two door Bentley.

Taking us through his selected scenes with lyrics that are undeniably catchy, we see that Soulja Boy is back with a much different sound than his previous “Crank That”. If you have yet to see this “Fire” video you can make sure to check it out at the link below!

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-Dominique H. (@nique1992)



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