Social Media Sunday: UsTheDuo!

April 7, 2014


The popular social media app Vine is responsible for people showcasing talents like singing, dancing, and “those awkward moments.” More recently, the app has caught the attention of millions to the singing duo “Us”, with their Vine profile going from only 55 thousand to over 2 million in just three short months…. While not even showing their faces until recently.

Initially, Michael and Clarissa Alvarado, the married duo behind the popular vines wanted to use vine to promote their album “No Matter Where You Are”. They also mentioned that they wanted to post the occasional funny vine, but since they weren’t comedians that did not go over very well. It was late one night that Michael suggested to Clarissa that they sing in their vines. Reluctant to the suggestion, Clarissa agreed but told Michael only from the mouth down would she do so. Due to her lack of make-up and pajama attire Clarissa and Michael not only thought it’d be easier on the viewers, Clarissa stating “I was not wearing any makeup and it was late, I know I look terrible without it lol!” But it would cause people to focus on their talent, rather than their looks. And that it certainly did.

Their covers include artist such as: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and One Direction. With playing the piano, or guitar in their vines people are shown their raw and natural talents in the fast 6 seconds that vine allows. But it has proved to be enough for fans, as they come back vine after vine and request more and more covers.

Recently catching the eye of Republic Records with their #6SecondCovers, UsTheDuo has even signed a contract with the music label! They are the first vine act to do so and have some big things planned in the future. This contract will include a re-release of the album “No Matter Where You Are”, as well as some popular remixes on the album. There has even been some talk about a music video for the single of the album.


As for their album, it was released November 26,2013 to iTunes and is incredibly successful. With the majority of their listeners fellow vine fans, they are delighted to hear more than 6 seconds of Michael and Clarissa’s vocals.

With their record deal with Republic Records, we know that we certainly have not seen the last of UsTheDuo and that they are incredibly talented and have a BIG future ahead of them. You can keep on touch with them via their social media sites that will be listed below! Hope you love “Us” as much as I do!

Twitter, Instagram, Vine: UsTheDuo

You can also check out their album here on iTunes!:

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-Dominique H. (@nique1992)

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