One Direction Releases New Music Vid & Where We Are Tour Has Begun!

April 25, 2014

you and i

In the last seven days, One Direction has dropped a new single and started final rehearsals for their worldwide stadium tour entitled “Where We Are.” The five-man boy band been promoting their newest single, “You & I,” which is the fourth single from the boys’ third album, Midnight Memories.

Shown at the start is the chilly Clevendon Pier in Somerset, England with Niall Horan (with unkempt hair nonetheless) starting to walk down the pier. Horan has the starting vocals in “You & I,” is wearing a gray fisherman’s jumper and black skinny jeans and as his verse comes to an end, he hangs his head. And when he raises it back up, it’s not the pale, Irish face we see, no! It’s the rugged face of Liam Payne! Liam, who’s wearing the same outfit as Horan, is shown continuing the walk down Clevendon singing his verse from the new single. As Liam’s verse comes to an end, his hand is lifted and when he swipes it down, Harry Styles graces us with his presence as he, too, continues the walk down Clevendon as he sings the song’s chorus. With the wind blowing through his hair, Styles walks down the pier (seriously, how long is this thing?) . Side note: I’d like to point out just how much Harry swings his hips when he walks. Werk it girl *snaps fingers in Z formation*.

Harry does a bit of a turn and before the complete 360 has been reached, Zayn Malik appears! Zayn is, of course, continuing the walk down Clevendon Pier as he sings his verse. As his verse concludes, a bit of a head turn brings Louis Tomlinson onto our screens! Good thing about Louis is that he’s been growing his hair out since 1D’s Take Me Home Tour wrapped in October, and the wind is just coursing through the Tomlinson mane. As his verse comes to an end, he raises his hand and when he drops it, Harry has returned! <– (That’s my favorite face change of the video, by the way.) Styles takes us into the chorus again, but this time, the camera zooms in on his eyes at the last second. And anyone who has listened to “You & I” before will probably tell you that their favorite part of the song is the epic guitar solo at the end of the second chorus. As the first chord of the guitar solo is strung, the camera pans out to see all of One Direction with about three copies of each boy standing alongside Harry! As the video continues, you realize that the copies are actually frames of the boys about five seconds into the future. As One Direction continues to stroll down the pier, they each fill their frozen counterparts to make for a really cool music video! The effects in “You & I” really make the video worth watching, and it shows a more mature side to One Direction’s music.

The “You & I” single bundle is available for pre-0rder for everyone excluding North America (boo!!!) and the bundle will include a piano version of the song, a duet version (for those of you who want to sing alongside the boys), and a Big Payno Remix made, of course, by Liam Payne. If you pre-order the single, you’ll get an exclusive message from the guys and that is ONLY if you pre-order the track.

Where We Are Tour starts TOMORROW as all five boys, the 1D band, and crew have touched down in Bogota, Colombia in South America! The boys rehearsed today and there will be songs from all three albums on the set list and you do NOT want to miss the show! The kick off show to Where We Are will be held in the Estadio El Campin, which has a maximum capacity of over 35,000 people! Directioners, grab your tickets and get to this show!

We can’t wait for tour to start and with our wait finally under the 24 hour mark, patience is wearing VERY thin!

-Blake M


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