Lady Gaga Puts Roseland Ballroom to Rest with Final Show Live Streamed

April 11, 2014


The Roseland Ballroom goes out with a bang… and a Gaga! The Roseland Ballroom, which has been around for nearly a century has finally closed its doors and Lady Gaga was there to help.

Earlier this week, Gaga ended her seven night leg at the Ballroom with a live stream of the show for ‘Little Monsters’ all around the world who could not attend the legendary event. With the Roseland Ballroom only seating 3,500 Gaga deemed it only right to team up with Verizon to make it happen! The show was streamed April 7, at 9pm EST and was shown through the dedicated site

The week-long show is just a precursor to what fans can expect when Gaga hits the road next month for her tour. ArtRave: The ARTPOP Ball, beginning May 9th  in Florida features hits from her recent album, ARTPOP, with talk of another volume of the album to be released within the next year.

Gaga – although known for her outrageous outfits and antics – tamed things down a bit for the final performance at the venue. Clad in a leopard leotard with her fans hanging on her every word of hit single “Bad Romance” she shows love to all of the ‘Little Monsters’. From climbing a ladder to the balcony section and singing the words to her mother, to telling all of the ‘Little Monsters’ in attendance: “We’ve grown up together haven’t we? But you’re still wasted and you’re still having fun!”

The convenience and expense-less show not only provided fans with the chance to see Gaga perform for the last time at the Ballroom, it let fans avoid the crowded streets of New York. Free to watch this show in pajamas with a bowl full of popcorn. ‘Little Monsters’ everywhere were delighted in this event!

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-Dominique H. (@nique1992)

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