Justin Bieber Was Born For This

April 29, 2014

…and on his latest track ‘We Were Born For This” the Canadian R&B superstar shows appreciation for all the love and support the Beliebers have given him along the way “Look at all the people standing outside, so dedicated, your love doesn’t go unappreciated”  he sings.

“We Were Born For This” is an acoustic track featuring the signature breathy vocals of the 20-year-old and, as fantastic as they already were, there’s a clear advancement in his technique, his tone is crisper – the result of endless hours of practice during this so-called ‘year off’. The accompanying guitar is recognisably JB but it’s unique in its slightly off-beat rhythm, rendering the overall effect almost jazz-infused R&B, proving yet again, the singer/songwriter has no fear in dipping his toes in any aspect of the music pool.

“It doesn’t come easy, you gotta have strength”  he sings. A strength he finds in his fans, his family and certainly in his faith. The song title itself, and perhaps overall message, seemingly alludes to the “I Was Born For This, My City” conference conducted by Pastor Carl Lentz earlier this year, to which Bieber posted a YouTube link shortly after posting the new track link earlier today on Twitter.

“You don’t have to be a failure, you can shake it off and believe that the best is yet to come for your life” says Lentz at 52:30 minutes into the conference. Wise words indeed, no matter what you believe in, nobody can deny you the right to a positive attitude and positivity is something that Justin possesses in bucket loads.

Having already dropped “Hard 2 Face Reality” featuring Poo Bear over the weekend, Bieber is building up to the release of his next LP patiently and deliberately. He knows his craft and “We Were Born For This” is absolutely playing to his strengths, yet again – one of which is his ability to transform the drama of his own life and frustrations into something relatable.

The track goes one step further to enhance his reputation as one of the modern-era’s most underrated R&B artists and furthermore, that he’s here to stay.

We at WeKnowTheDJ are eagerly awaiting Sir. Bizzle’s next move.  He is drowning out the sound of negativity with his voice and he’s winning “cause this is my time and I won’t waste it thinking ’bout what you’re gonna say”. If this were a game of Chess, Bieber would have just called Checkmate.

-Lucy Jenkins.


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