“Hard to Find” a Reason Not to Love Round2Crews New Video!

April 7, 2014

round 2 crew

Our favorite boys Chase and Pape just released the video for their single “Hard to Find” and it is no secret these boys are headed to success! With their recent EP “On Our Way”, Chase and Pape quickly made a name for themselves, so what better way to please their growing fan base than with a hot new video?!

At the beginning of the video we have Chase and Pape arriving at a local diner. Pape engrossed in a telephone conversation and Chase texting. With the female waitress approaching, she quickly catches Pape’s attention, struggling to tell her what he wants to drink it is no secret that not only Pape, but Chase as well are engrossed by her. Going into a daydream, Pape envisions what a day with her would be like. Fusing their day together with Chase and Pape in front of a graffiti wall, we see just what would be in store for Pape and his ‘dream’ girl.

Riding around in a jeep, the top down with his love interest, Pape blasts their single; the lyrics perfectly describing what he would love to say to her:

“You got me turning my head, whenever you pass by. You catch my eye.
It’s like whenever I see you, I can’t get you out of my mind.
Cause your type, is hard to find.”

The upbeat, pop and hip hop sound only add to the summer feel of this single and video, making it hard to look away. As the video goes on we not only see Pape taking his girl around town wooing her, we see Chase and Pape doing what everyone does come summer time, have fun. They dance, they laugh, and they make us all yearn for warm weather as they are clad in muscle tees.

Snapped out of their daydream right before Pape and his love interest share a kiss, the boys are interrupted by the waitress coming to take their full order. Giving each other a quick smile, Pape and Chase let us know all about girls being hard to find.

If you still have not seen this summer ready video you can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkuZGENCU7U
And chances are if you love this song, you will fall in love with the entire EP, so make sure to go grab it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/on-our-way-ep/id835156287

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-Dominique H. (@nique1992)

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