Framing Hanley Releases ‘The Sum of Who We Are’

April 29, 2014

It’s been a long time coming, but the help of their fans, Framing Hanley’s third studio album was finally released last night at midnight!

Kenneth Nixon, Tim Huskinson, Brandon Wooten, Luke McDuffee, and Chris Vest first formed together back in 2005 under the name Embers Fade. After posting a few demos of their songs on Myspace they quickly gained a fanbase and gained the attention of Brett Hestla, the former Creed bassist and frontman of Dark New Day. Hestla then shared their demos with his record label Silent Majority Group and Jeff Hanson, former manager of Creed, and they instantly wanted to sign the group. Hanson flew to Nashville the next day to meet with the band and apparently rushed to sign them and wrote up their deal on a napkin. Hanson then became their manager. After realizing that the name ‘Embers Fade’ was fairly similar to another bands name they decided to change their name to ‘Framing Hanley’ in dedication to a close friend of the bands who had recently passed away.

In 2007, Framing Hanley released their debut album ‘The Moment’ which included, most notably, their ‘Lollipop’ Lil Wayne cover and their first hit single ‘Hear Me Now’.

You can watch the video for ‘Hear Me Now’ here.

In 2008 Tim sadly left the band due to health problems and Ryan Belcher then replaced him. Then, in 2009 Framing Hanley started working on their second album ‘A Promise to Burn’ which was released later that year. In December of 2009 Framing Hanley won Best Modern Rock Band at the Top in Rock Award and their lead single off the second album ‘You Stupid Girl’ became their second biggest hit. However shortly after the release of ‘A Picture to Burn’ Framing Hanley left their record label for reasons unknown.

After that, we then didn’t hear much from the band until June of 2012 when the band’s lead singer Kenneth Nixon posted a video on Facebook and Twitter explaining some of the difficulties the band had been facing. In the video he explains that “the LAST THING we ever wanted to do was come to our fans and ask for assistance, but actually it’s come to that point. We have a plethora of songs that we are very excited about, and just need to raise the funds to go record them with the right people. Then we can release new Framing Hanley to you guys. Our goal is set at $40,000 and with that we have intentions of recording a brand new album and shoot a music video for the single.” And with that the band created a Kickstarter account which allowed fans to donate as they please in order to help the band release their third album.

On July 4th 2012 the band successfully raised the $40,000 that they were asking for. In fact, according to their Kickstarter page they actually raised over $60,000, which says a lot about the dedication of their fanbase in my opinion. About a month later Framing Hanley announced the titled of their fan-funded album as ‘The Sum of Who We Are’.

About a year later, Framing Hanley announced of the departure of bassist Luke McDuffee who was later replaced by the current bassist Jonathan Stoye. The original release date of the album was October of 2013, but sadly that had to be postponed due to legality issues.

It’s been a long time coming, but back in February the band announced that the album would finally be released today, April 29th under their new record label Imagen Records.

The album is currently listed on iTunes and I definitely suggest you check it out! After their three year hiatus the band has definitely come back in full force with an amazing new album!

You can sample and buy the album on iTunes here.

Great job on the album, guys! You can definitely tell how dedicated you guys are while listening to the album. You deserve all the success in the world! Congratulations on finally getting it released! And congratulations to the fans as well!

I think my favorite song off the album is Collide, what about yours? Check out ‘The Sum of Who We Are’ on iTunes now and tell us what you think @WeKnowTheDj

-Brittany Dybiec (@BrittanyElizzz)

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