Ed Sheeran Sings His Way To The Top Once Again

April 12, 2014


It has been three years since this once small town singer released his last album. With a brand new single, “Sing”, and thousands anticipating his new album, Ed Sheeran is back in the music game and stronger than ever.

2011 brought extreme good fortune for Ed Sheeran with his debut album, + (Plus), hitting the music universe. It took a very long time for people to realize how talented and creatively incredible Sheeran truly is, but when the buzz got around, Ed quickly became one of the most sought after musicians. Performing his hit single, “The A Team,” alongside Elton John at the 2013 Grammy Awards, gained him even more recognition for his rare vocals. This Englishman’s raw talent is what draws so many in to his music. Making each concert small and personal to each city just adds on to the entire Ed Sheeran experience.

Dropping on April 7th, “Sing,” holds a much more upbeat tune differing from his past work. You will usually find Ed Sheeran alone with his guitar but we’re definitely not complaining about the slight change to his sound. Produced by the one and only Pharrell, “Sing” is certainly a radio mastered song.  Because “Sing was mostly created for radio purposes, chances are the rest of the album may differ from this single. Already number one on iTunes, his album X (Multiply), said to be out June 23rd, is sure to be a good combination of Ed’s newer sound and his beloved acoustic music. Requests have been flying in and out of radio stations everywhere for Sheeran’s single to be played.

Take part in the support of Ed Sheeran’s unbelievable talent by pre-ordering his album, X, here to share in the Ed Sheeran love. Let WeKnowTheDJ know what you think of, “Sing,” and Ed’s recently developed sound @weknowthedj.

– Sophie Pipitone (@sophiepipitone)


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