Country-Pop Artist Ashley Honnell Releases New Single ‘Flowers’!

April 17, 2014



Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of WeKnowTheDJ’s favorite people! Ashley Honnell – who was featured on the site several months ago for the release of her first single ‘I Just Wanted You to Know’ –  sat down with me via Skype to give me all of the latest details! In my exclusive interview Ashley spilled about her newest single ‘Flowers’, the support from her family and fans, and the inside scoop on her hunky co-star! She also shared with me, a behind the scenes photo from her latest video to her single ‘Flowers’ which will be posted below! Make sure to check out my interview with the on the rise Country-Pop star below!

How is this song different for you than your first single ‘I Just Wanted You to Know’?

“It (‘Flowers’)  was different, in that it had a lot more of a pop vibe than my first single. Which I think is really cool, and I am Country-Pop so it kind of fit well, I think. But they are very different, yet the story line is almost the same for both songs. There is more of a ‘don’t tear us apart’ kind of message in this song though.”

What inspired ‘Flowers?’

“Well, Jud Friedman wrote the song and he did an amazing job. But when I’m in the studio recording I have a certain vision,  I close my eyes and picture things the way the story is happening and how I want the video to look. My wheels get to turning and I think okay, this would make a perfect video! I think that not only this video, but my other video as well were portrayed very well. It also helped that the person the song was about was in the video. So it was easier to evoke that emotion rather than just acting it out. So when  I was in the studio, I actually thought of him and said that he had to be in the video!”

How has your fan base grown since your first single?

“Well, it’s really crazy actually. I’ll run in the store just to grab something really quick and people are like –  “Are you Ashley Honnell?!?”  Haha and I say “Yes”, and it’s weird because it wasn’t like this awhile back and now it is! I got on an elevator and the person in there asked if I was Ashley Honnell and they started freaking out! Everyone has just been really supportive, I could not do it without any of you guys. I think it is cool to have that connection with someone you don’t even know, and for them to love and support me while I follow my dream and for me to do the same is like, the coolest thing ever. I just really want to be a positive influence on people, especially the younger generation because they are our future.”

How has your family been throughout this journey?

“They  have been so supportive! My mom and dad are amazing, my mom – I call her my ‘momager’, she’s my manager and my dad.. They are the ones that push me the most. And I think it is because they know how badly I want it, they are super supportive and help me with anything. Say I’m on stage and I’m out of water. I do our little signal, and my mom knows instantly that I need water! We have this little routine and we all work very well together. My cousin, Porsha is my photographer she takes a lot of my pictures. I am so blessed to have theses people in my life. My grandparents, aunts, and uncles show up to all of my shows. My grandparents especially, they are always front row and glued to the set! It’s the coolest feeling ever.”

Where was the location of ‘Flowers?’

“I really wanted the video to portray a more country idea. So that when you hear the song you get the pop sound, but when you watch the video you get the country feel; because of the location. It was near my hometown in a country home, because I wanted the video to look like it took place over a period of time. I wanted the house to look lived in, not have a modern look. And I think that this house portrayed that perfectly.”

So what’s the scoop on your male co-star, Cole? I could tell that there was some natural chemistry.

“Well, we dated freshman year of high school and he will just always have a special place in my heart.”

bts flowers

Cole and Ashley behind the scenes of ‘Flowers’! 


This video is much different from your first video, what was the reasoning behind that?

Well, this is a more mature video and like I mentioned, when I record I picture what I want the video to look like. But it is just about two people who are on the edge of being done, and the girl doesn’t want to be. And I think the video captured that idea really well.”

This song has a much more pop sound than your first song. Do you plan on doing more songs with a pop sound?

“I like all kinds of music and I really trust my producer and the ideas he has for my sound. There will be more of a country – pop vibe with my sound evolving. I think that this genre defines me very well. It’s a different take on country, like modern country.”

I know you play at a lot of different venues, do you ever sing either of your singles?

“No, I have not done ‘Flowers’ for any of my shows. I have, however done ‘I Just Wanted You to Know’ and it’s crazy because I look out in the audience and people are dancing to it and really getting into it. You can always tell that they are connecting with it. But, I do plan on performing ‘Flowers’ at my next show.”

What are your plans after ‘Flowers’?

“Just doing more shows, getting more singles out, recording more. Things like that.”

This is more of a personal question. You play a lot of schools, what is your advice to the kids you meet, and your fans in general?

“What I tell those kids is: If you want something bad enough, go get it. Things are not going to just come to you, go chase your dream. With God in the forefront, a dream, and your head on straight; you can make anything happen.”

Ashley is beautiful inside and out, and is definitely has a bright future in music. You can make sure to keep in touch with her through Twitter, Instgram, and Facebook. (All @AshleyHonnell) She loves hearing from, and interacting with her ‘Honny’s’!

If you have not yet heard either of Ashley’s singles make sure to check them out on iTunes!

And you can watch the video for Ashley’s latest single ‘Flowers’ (my personal favorite!) here:

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-Dominique H. (@nique1992)

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