What To Expect At Coachella 2014!

April 12, 2014


If there’s anything the West Coast has going for them, it’s Coachella Music And Arts Festival and it’s that time of year again where enthusiasts pile into the state to enjoy a weekend filled with music, dance and laughter.

Aside from the music and art, Coachella has developed its own culture per-say. Concert goers invest weeks at a time preparing their wardrobe line-up for the glamorous event- and by glamorous we’re talking rave-hippy style of course! Colourful, cut-up, braided, you name it, the artistry will be bouncing all over the place this weekend.

Much of the buzz is undoubtedly dominated by anticipated reunion of OutKast after 7 years. Will they be bringing guest stars on stage? We can expect it seeing as the festival’s guest appearances have become a staple. Dating back to 2010 when Jay-Z brought out his adored wife Queen B or even in 2012 during Calvin Harris’ set when Rihanna jumped in for “Where Have You Been” and “We Found Love.” Perhaps the most jaw-dropping guest performer was that of Tupac or his computerized-self we should say. Evidently this only leaves us wondering who will we be surprised by this year?

To keep you alert and aware of the music, as always, we’ve come up with the top acts you should look out for this year at the festival.


Jhene Aiko: Hip-Hop’s newest “it girl” is performing her own set which is bound to be filled with sultry and emotional tracks. Her silky voice will keep you grooving and moving through the weekend. What we’re mostly anticipating is one of her many collaboration’s hopping on stage. Could it be Drake, to compliment her in performing ‘From Time’ or maybe Big Sean will join in for a head-nodding duet of ‘Beware?’ Keep your eyes peeled and report back…

Disclosure: Back from last year’s bill, a personal favorite, who have made a mainstream name for themselves with the track ‘Latch.’ As guests, we’re putting our money on AlunaGeorge hopping on as their set is only a few hours before Disclosure’s. Put that aside, we’ve truly got our fingers crossed for a surprise appearance from Mary J. Blige, who remixed their track “F for You” oh-so-well.

Pharrell Williams: This fellow grabbed 2013 by the neck and owned it, making his way into almost every track you heard on the radio. We may or may not be day dreaming of a certain French-duo that could join him up on stage to perform ‘Get Lucky.” And just maybe someone out there is hoping for an appearance by Robin Thicke? Anyone? Oh well…

While you’re enjoying the incredible set Coachella has lined up for you, don’t let it come as a shock if you’re out there rubbing elbows with hollywood’s most desired. If there’s anything Coachella attracts, it’s celebrities. You’ll be among Victoria’s Secret Angels, Models, Actors and Singers. Whether it’s for endorsement work or their love of music, you’ll be pointing a few out.

Buckle up, and get ready to enjoy the best of the best this weekend with 90,000 other friendly music-lovers.

In exchange for our insight we expect feedback! Let us know how much you loved the festival by tweeting us at @weknowthedj. Not going? No problem! Tell us your favorite artists in the line-up!

-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)


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