YG & Drake Drop ‘Who Do You Love’ Video! Watch Here:

March 15, 2014

We’ve got Drizzy featuring on a YG track, and we have to say the video has us grooving even more.


The clip starts off with YG on the couch with his buds playing video games, as any rap video should start. He gets a suspicious call on his girlfriends phone only to find out (uh oh) she’s cheating! While he’s in the midst of a heated argument, his boys decide to lean in and listen to the drama! But YG isn’t here for drama, so naturally he puts on a shirt and rolls out.

Pulling up in a Porsche Panamera, he gets to the club where Drizzy is waiting with bottles of champagne and too many girls to count. The Benny Boom directed video takes us through a chronicle of events after YG’s found out he’s been betrayed, and we must say, he’s taking it quite well. So here are some word to the wise, if you’re planning on crossing YG, you won’t get a rise out of him. He’ll just go out and party it away! After all, his “Bank of America account got six figures!”

He’s got the booze, the party and the girls. What’s missing in this recipe for a successful breakup? Drizzy Drake! The stylish Canadian comes in on his verse in a green-lit dark backdrop and lets us know he’s there for his boy rapping, “I’m just general just makin’ sure my boys is straight!”


We’re finally brought back to the apartment where a very remorseful ex-girlfriend is trying to get ahold of YG. Amidst the naked girls in the pool and popping bottles, we understand why he can’t come to the phone! Try again later, girl.

So, here we have it. Valuable lessons have been learned today. First, don’t cheat on your boyfriend ladies! Second, YG knows how to go through grief. Last, if ever you’re going through those tough times, Drizzy will be there for you!

“Who Do You Love” will be included in YG’s upcoming debut album¬†My Krazy Life,¬†and was even included on WeKnowTheDJ Radio Vol.4!

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-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)

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