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March 15, 2014


Here at WeKnowTheDj, we love bringing you exclusive interviews with up and coming artists. Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down via Skype with England singer/songwriter, Olivia Louise. Olivia, who is not only insanely talented, but a sweetheart as well, gave me the inside scoop on her inspirations, future, and dream duets! Check out my interview with the lovely Olivia below!

When did you know that you wanted to be a singer/songwriter?
“Literally, I started writing songs when I was about seven. I used to write full songs, I used to study the insides of the CD covers; you know where it says bridge and chorus so I knew the structure. So I was writing full songs from like ages seven and eight. I guess as you grow up, people kind of tell you that you can’t do that it’s not really realistic. Then after I had my daughter, which was six years ago I knew that I could do it, and that I wanted to do it.”

Do you plan on moving to the states in the future, or staying in the U.K.?
“Probably stay in the U.K. I would like to do a lot of work out there, so I would definitely like to come out there I have never ever been. Either late this year or next year I would like to get out there, especially L.A.”

What genre, if any would you say that you most fit into?
“Uhmm, R&B.”

Who do you look up to in the music industry, and why?
“My most favorite musician ever, is Lauryn Hill. I could listen to her album again, and again, and again, and never get bored with it. Love her, she is someone who can sing and write simultaneously; amazing, she is so talented. Her content, I think that is what amazes me, her content. She does not just sing about anything, her songs mean something. Her music is real, it’s relatable.”

You mentioned that you have a daughter. How do you plan on adjusting her to the music scene?
“Well, at the moment I am really, really busy and I am always doing stuff. But she completely understands it. Say if I have to go to the studio or I have a gig, my mom also helps out with that kind of thing anyway. But she has even started writing songs herself; I hear her mumbling songs and things. She is always drawing pictures. She draws them of me singing with a microphone and things like that. And I have a studio downstairs, and she said that she can hear me singing at night. So she is quite used to what I am doing.”

Being the incredible songwriter that you are, what are some of the inspirations behind your songs?
“Sometimes it can literally just be a random song which really does not relate to me at all. People always ask me if I went through this or that, and I’m like no it just came to me. Usually it is someone who I know that has gone through it, or sometimes it is just what is on my mind or what I have been feeling. With Skin Deep, I literally put the beat on, press record, and just free styled the majority of the song. I went back over and re-recorded some things, but that was just on my mind. And I had no idea, but that was what I was thinking. That is actually how the majority of my songs are written; I just press record and free style them.”

I have listened to three of your songs and my favorite is “Skin Deep”. Which one would you say is your favorite?
“I really like the first song that I wrote called “Mr. California”, just because that was the first one that I actually did. I used to be in a group with some MC’s, and I would sing choruses for them and not really do much for myself. But that was the first track that I wrote, and decided that I was going to do this seriously and on my own. But there is some stuff on my EP, which is coming out next month which I quite like, because I wrote a song about my daughter on there.”

Glad that you mentioned your EP, is there anything that you can tell me about that?
“Yes, it’s called “Star Stuff” it is quite spiritually really. It is like the transition, it is very personal to me. Every song on it relates to me. It’s kind of like a transition of my life for the past few months. It is quite spiritual I would say.”

Say your daughter wanted to sing, would you encourage her to do so?

“Yeah I would encourage her to do it, but I would make sure that she doesn’t just want to do it because I do it. I want her to do what she wants to do, you know sometimes kids see you do something and they want to do what mommy does. I noticed that she wants to be an artist as well, so I am really encouraging her with her art. She is very creative.”

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
“Oh wow, in 10 years I want to be established as an artist in my own right. I want to be writing for all of the biggest stars, and I want to be nominated for a Grammy for my song writing. I always visualize it every night, myself getting a Grammy! That’s really what I want in 10 years.”

Male or female, who would you most like to do a duet with?
“Lauryn Hill, or Drake! I love Drake, they are so different. His music is relatable, and I like the fact that he is a man, and most men would be like: “I’m not saying that!” But he just goes and says it! Men secretly love him! He says the stuff that they want to say. Yes, but I love Drake!”

Olivia has released two songs that she has written so far, and I will post the links below so you can check them out! There are big things in the future for Olivia, and this definitely is not the last we have seen of her!

Check out my personal favorite “Skin Deep” right here.

You can also listen to Olivia’s song “Mr. California”.

Make sure to connect with Olivia via twitter: @Olivia_LouiseUK

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