The Wanted Want You to Glow in the Dark

March 28, 2014


Over the past couple of years, a majority of the WeKnowTheDJ team has become obsessed with The Wanted! How could you not? Max, Jay, Nathan, Tom and Siva are constant reminders that British accents aren’t the only great thing to come from “across the pond.” (No harm meant to our UK readers, we love you guys!) Our hearts instantly became heavy when we learned that the group will be taking a hiatus once they wrap their current tour. This unexpected hiatus will give the five lads some time to focus on their solo careers so this definitely isn’t the end!

Although we’ll have plenty of time to grieve the group’s break, right now we’re focused on their newest release! Never wanting to disappoint their fans, appropriately called the Fanmily, the guys have given us a brand new music video! Released at 6:30pm in the UK, the new addition was the perfect mid-day distraction—thank you, time zones! The track, Glow in the Dark, has officially been named the group’s newest single so if you don’t have the lyrics memorized, get ready because it’s about to be everywhere! The video, posted below, is a party in itself that everyone needs to watch.

The music video for Glow in the Dark is changing the game as The Wanted step away from their normal studio-produced music videos. This late-March release is less of a “look into the future” concept and more of a “wow, we have a lot of great memories” piece. The three and a half minute video is one that Max, Nathan, Tom, Jay, Siva and the Fanmily will hold close to their hearts as it features endless memories and laugh. From behind-the-scene antics to footage from milestone performances, this is the kind of video we’ve been waiting for. The video includes photo shoot fun, the White House, filming of The Wanted Life and just about everything in between, living up to everyone’s expectations.

I hate to cut this short but I have to go watch the Glow in the Dark video a few more times and reminisce on the lad’s memories! The Wanted is currently on a world tour so be sure to grab your tickets at Don’t forget to send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to share your thoughts on the video!

Meg C. (@meganciampo)

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