The Voice: Battle Rounds Week One

March 22, 2014


Spicing up your week with some quality television definitely brightens everything up a bite. Every Monday and Tuesday night, The Voice, provides a solid music competition sure to hook your attention making you tune in every week. At the beginning of this week The Voice battle rounds began already heating the game up.

Team Usher, Team Shakira, Team Blake, and Team Adam all went head to head making steals and sending acts home as well. Usher kicked things off with, along with his trusty advisor Jill Scott, mentoring two of his team members first. Biff and T.J., both R&B singers, prepared a rendition of “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” After both performers blew the leaders and audience away, Usher came to the decision allowing T.J. to move on leaving Biff in the open for a perfect steal from Blake.

Next we had Adam taking his turn with Aloe Blacc accompanying him through the process. Kat and Patrick were assigned “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend,” an original Stevie Nicks and Kenny Loggins duet. With choices becoming progressively harder, Adam seemed to struggle between the two. Luckily, after he chose Kat as battle winner, Patrick was quickly stolen by Shakira.

Blake, with his friends The Band Perry, helped two teenage contestants perfect their performance to the song, “It Goes Like This.” Jake and Lexi worked extra hard in the practice rounds, but sadly, Lexi’s nerves got the best of her causing Blake to bring Jake back for another shot at becoming the next big thing.

The only team with a women’s guidance, Team Shakira, picked the song “My Kind of Love” for two powerful contestants, Dani and DeShawn. Miranda Lambert was there to aid Shakira in mentoring this pair into creating an all-star performance. Each with insanely strong voices and a killer vocal range, the choice was difficult as ever. In the end, victory went to Dani forcing DeShawn home.

After all of that, another quick round of battles was held sending more contestants home but also enabling steals. Usher’s team for next week consists of eight lucky singers while Blake’s contains nine including Biff Gore whom he stole from Usher earlier. Shakira’s team also holds nine contestants with one stolen and Adams holds the most with 12 artists, two of them stolen from his fellow mentors.

Next week is going to be packed with even more steals and performances to remember with the continuation of battle rounds. Catch Usher, Shakira, Blake, and Adam all fight for the title of best musical mentor as they work with their chosen artists. No doubt things will get even more exciting in weeks to come. WeKnowTheDJ loves to hear all your thoughts on The Voice so be sure to tweet us @weknowthedj.

– Sophie Pipitone (@sophiepipitone)



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