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March 28, 2014

Whether you’re on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, etc. you’re always catching up on the latest trends. Where personal interaction lacks, social media gives! The latest trend we’re talking about is MAGCON.


On a daily basis you get to know once-strangers who captivate our social media timelines. We get to know them through tweets, through YouTube video’s but mostly, those brief 6 second Vine clips. So with their vast popularity spreading across the country brings us the beginning of MAGcon.

First, MAGcon stands for Meet And Greet Convention where your favourite Youtube Vloggers and Vine celebrities come together for an afternoon of entertaining YOU! In an environment where the sole purpose is to meet you, activities are planned surrounding opportunities for all attendees to meet the people they came for!

So who do these thousands of people travel and purchase tickets to see?


15-year-old Nash Grier dazzles his 6.7M Vine followers on the daily. It might be his deep ocean blue eyes or perhaps his subtle yet apparent southern accent, either way, he has heaps of fans who are willing to travel just about anywhere to meet him while he’s on the MAGCON tour. He also has a 1.5M+ following on twitter, nearly the same on Instagram and 3M more on YouTube.

Just as popular are the rest of his friends who come together with Nash to make the MAGCON Family. Aaron Carpenter, Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff, Jack & Jack, Matthew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds and female DJ Mahogany LOX.


Where it really all began was with a digital tech startup entrepreneur from Louisiana named Bart Bordelon. He got the idea after hearing of a “mall meet up” Aaron Carpenter had planned with his Instagram followers, which had turned into hundreds of fans showing up. Bordelon had recognized the possibilities and brought together Aaron and a few other social media favourites for the very first MAGCON in Houston.

“The one in Dallas just exploded,” Bordelon said of the biggest MAGCON stop that drew more than 1,500 ticket-buying fans. Same went for shows in Orlando, Washington, Nashville and San Francisco. Of course the Chicago show shortly after sold out in 30 seconds, of the 2500 available tickets.

So why are so many giving into this phenomenon? They aren’t a boy band, they don’t possess the traditional talents of a celebrity. Well, that in its’ own defines their popularity. Being famous without a traditional talent is their talent. In approximately six seconds, they are able to captivate millions who laugh, cry and most often, relate.

So while the skeptics talk and make judgement of this new movement, we understand that times are changing. What was once a craze over boy bands dancing on stage has progressed with time and technology to become a fascination over comedians, entertainers and people just like you!

If you don’t know of these lovely young gentlemen yet, we suggest you get with the times and hop onto Vine. Contrary to other social platforms, there exists no alter-ego’s! You’ll be experiencing who they truly are.

Learn more about MAGCON tour coming near you here:

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-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)


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