Top 20 Moments For The 20-Year-Old!

March 1, 2014

The beginning of March only happens once a year and we all know what that means… Justin Bieber becomes one year older. In honor of Justin’s 20 incredible years of living, we have 20 incredible moments to go with.

Coming in at number 1, Justin’s famous Apollo Theater performance. Through power outages and hundreds of begging fans, Bieber pulled through and created one of the best performances of his career. Many memorable moments came out of that night including the OLLG.


The Apollo Theater’s One Less Lonely Girl is the perfect connection to a huge part of Justin’s life, Avalanna. Number 2 is about Bieber’s love for kids and his passion for helping out when a hand is needed. Avalanna Routh played an irreplaceable role in Justin’s life, just as he discussed in the Believe Movie.

Number 3 on the list is Justin Bieber’s first ever movie, Never Say Never. This documentary took us through Justin’s hard work and dedication to get where he is today. This movie coined the infamous line “you won’t be 16 forever,” which is definitely making a come back for the big 20.

After Never Say Never was released on February 11th, 2011 it only took Bieber a few weeks to change up his image a little. Number 4 is all about the hair. The loss of his golden locks and hair flip first marked Justin’s growth as a kid and as a teen pop sensation.

Number 5 occurred in 2013, which brought many things for Bieber, but one major moment for Justin was the Milestone Award he received at the Billboard awards. With a little booing from the audience, Justin pulled through and accepted the award like a gentleman marking another major moment in his career.

For number 6, we have everyone’s favorite, the “As Long As You Love Me” music video. With multiple teasers and exciting tweets to get Beliebers excited, the video was released at the beginning of August 2012. Let’s just say, this one most definitely had every Belieber swooning. 

Justin Bieber’s 7 number-one-albums. My World, My World 2.0, My Worlds, Under The Mistletoe, Believe, Believe Acoustic, and his latest, Journals. No doubt this kid knows what he’s doing when it comes making hit after hit. His gift for music can’t be matched by any other.


Number 8 showcases Bieber’s inner prankster… the “Beauty and a Beat” scandal. Creating crazy drama and releasing cute behind the scenes videos was all a part of Justin’s master plan to release the video to his hit featuring Nicki Minaj.

Number 9 is a fan favorite. When Justin Bieber set up a live stream on the night of the Grammy’s and crashed various video-streaming websites just to share a quick song clip, you know the fans were all in. Fans adore when Justin does a live stream, so that night was definitely an important one.

Halfway through the countdown at number 10, is Justin’s 200 plus wishes granted to Make A Wish kids. Justin’s big heart is only one quality that many should admire. He takes time out of his busy day to talk and take photos with kids that are well deserving.

11 is all about the entertainer in Justin. Performing for 300,000 people in Mexico City shows his love for the ones who have been there since the beginning.

Coming off of that, 12 mentions Bieber’s promo tour, which hit multiple cities over seas including Oslo, where Beliebers were so crazed that they caused a mini earthquake.

For 13, making sure his cap didn’t touch his precious hair, Ellen Degeneres held a little televised graduation for Justin that included many, many laughs.

Next up, 14 has a little something to do with Valentines Day. Saturday Night Live brought out Justin’s humorous, sexy side making Beliebers drool over his perfection.

15 is about that lovable irritation that every Belieber shares with Justin. The “soon” era frustrated many, but the wait from June to October prepared Belieber’s for some of Bieber’s best music yet with Music Mondays and the release of Journals.


16 takes a step back into Bieber’s love of helping out. To end the Believe Tour, Justin held an intimate show for the people hit by the typhoon in the Philippines along with a few friends. He also helped build homes and connected with many kids while lending a hand.

Speaking of concerts, number 17 comes down to Justin Bieber’s two sold out world tours. What 20-year-old can say they’ve traveled the world performing for thousands at sold out arenas?

photo (57)

18 is a moment that everybody appreciated. Finally the realization that Bieber is, in fact, a real human being with feelings and all, came out in his Chicago interview with Oprah at the Ralph Lauren Restaurant. He talked, sang, and met many fans that cool October day.

Coming close to number 20, 19 displays one of Bieber’s biggest accolades, the Diamond Award. “Baby,” probably Bieber’s biggest hit to date, went 12 times platinum. On stage in New Jersey, Scooter Braun brought out the award so he could share the moment with the fans in the audience.

Number 20 is awarded to something very recent but very important. The “Baby” music video hitting one billion views really shows the strength Bieber has in music world. As a gift to Justin for the big 2-0, Beliebers got together and made a billion views possible making “Baby” the second video ever to hit one billion.

Obviously narrowing every amazing thing Justin Bieber has done down to 20 is difficult, but showcasing what one person has done in 20 short years of life encompasses what an impact he has made thus far. We hope that this year and the years to come add even more to Justin’s journey as a man and a musician. Just because he is no longer “teen pop sensation Justin Bieber,” doesn’t mean the Justin the world once knew is gone, it means he’s growing up into a more mature and outstanding person. Justin, we are wishing you one of your happiest and fulfilling years yet. Happy 20th Birthday from the entire WeKnowTheDj team!

– Sophie Pipitone (@sophiepipitone)


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