Tech Rymes – Sober Up Official Video Dir. By Ryan Butler

March 6, 2014

Toronto based hip-hop artist Tech Rymes (@TechRymes) tackles the struggles of a man dealing with substance abuse in his latest track ‘Sober Up’.

Produced by Adrian Adonis (@Hipstersz), ‘Sober Up’ has a sinister vibe but equally has a chilled-out beat and introspective lyrics with a creeping sense of vulnerability. The end result is a quietly masterful hip-hop track in contrast to the current era’s trend for aggressive, excessive boasting. Rymes delivers the line “In a full room but I still feel alone” with coolly beautiful melodic flow accompanied by some sincere, stripped-back soul-searching. Director Ryan Butler’s accompanying video reflects the simplicity in that.

tech 2

Ryan Butler continues to build on his incredible portfolio of films 

The video is shot in black and white with only a bottle of alcohol in colour. Rymes’ deeply soulful eyes are the focus, he has enormous presence in front of the camera and conveys the frustration and solitude of his internal struggle effortlessly. Butler’s use of light shining on the bottle, as its contents slowly disappear throughout the video, mirrors the slow and steady decline of a man battling alcoholism.

tech 1

The entire production proves that sometimes minimalism is key, quality speaks for itself.

We’re looking forward to the summer because Tech Rymes will be dropping the EP #FinallyFree and we KNOW it will be outstanding.

Download ‘Sober Up’ here: follow him on twitter @TechRymes and check out his website

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-Lucy Jenkins.


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