Round2Crew Are “On Their Way” To Stardom

March 11, 2014


Every musical group has to start small and work their way to the top. Round2Crew has been working like crazy to make it to the top and their new EP, On Our Way, is proving what a success this duo will be.

Going in and out of the studio is becoming Pape and Chase’s everyday life especially at times like this. On Our Way is a collection of five original songs including “Hard to Find,”  “Morning After,” Miss You,” “Messed Up,” and “Get Away” featuring Kevin Flynn. Exactly a month ago Round2Crew released their first music video to their original song, “Get Away,” which was full of shirtless beach time and sunsets. The “Get Away” video gave us a glimpse of what was to come and it surely did the job.

All five songs are extremely catchy and packed with fun lyrics. Let’s just say Round2Crew live is going to be a real party. Holding multiple live streams and releasing song covers, like their recent “Ride” cover, were just some of the preparations for On Our Way. Each song has its upbeat moments, but “Morning After” is definitely the perfect party song… I’d be shocked if it didn’t make you want to dance. “Hard to Find,” “Miss You,” and “Messed Up” also have their own special qualities to help make this EP complete perfection.

Chances are, after you listen to these five songs, you’ll be waiting to see Pape and Chase perform your favorites live. Rumor has it that a small tour is in the works. At the end of February Round2Crew tweeted, “We are “On Our Way” to a city near you … ;).” Plus, both Pape and Chase will be performing at OMG Music Fest on May 17th in Chicago along with several other upcoming artists.

Round2Crew’s energy is so apparent throughout this entire EP. Be sure to purchase On Our Way on iTunes here and support everything Round2Crew by following them on twitter. Pape and Chase have real potential and this EP shows how incredibly talented and real these two are. Even though WeKnowTheDJ is already aware of how fantastic Round2Crew truly is, let us know your thoughts about them @weknowthedj.

– Sophie Pipitone (@sophiepipitone)



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