Pharrell Grabs Top Spot In UK Charts And BOY Does He Make Us Happy!

March 11, 2014

Hey Pharrell, BOY do you make the UK happy!

For several weeks now, the UK has been held under the hypnotic spell of the puppet master of pop and his ability to make us all dance involuntarily every time ‘Happy’ – the lead single from the album ‘GIRL’ – comes on the radio.  It’s driving us nuts if we’re honest, mainly because it’s a tad inconvenient to stop everything and start dancing every 30 minutes – because that’s how often the track seems to be played on UK radio, or maybe that’s just my imagination.

No matter though, it’s such a gorgeous, addictive track, positivity is infectious and POPULAR!

Last week ‘Happy’ broke the one million sales barrier, making it the third UK number one for the American in under 12 months! Little wonder, then, that yesterday we, as a nation, decided to cut him a break and bless him with a number one album for ‘GIRL’, knocking Brit Award winners Bastille and their incredible album ‘Bad Blood’ off the top spot.


On Saturday’s Dermot O’Leary show on BBC Radio 2, UK pop goddess Paloma Faith – who recently worked with 40-year-old Williams – proclaimed Pharrell to be ‘the best producer in the business right now’ and you can’t argue with statistics. With sales of approximately 70,000 ‘GIRL’ is the fastest selling album of 2014, knocking Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes, which sold 48,00 in its first week, off the podium.

How do you like them apples Bruce? I’m sure he’s thrilled and he’ll probably cover ‘Happy’ next time he’s in the US, and by the way, Pharrell is 40? He doesn’t look a day over 25!  That man holds the secret to the elixir of youth -make great music and be happy.  Make it for other people, with other people and for yourself. No matter what he puts out right now, we want it.

I always felt N.E.R.D (Pharrell’s other musical baby) has never been given the credit it’s due in the UK.  I personally love a bit of rock/funk/hip-hop but perhaps those who do are the minority, since the highest the band previously charted was number four for the album ‘Fly Or Die’ in 2004 with the lead single ‘She Wants To Move’ peaking at number five.

However, our stetson-wearing friend mentioned last year that an N.E.R.D ‘nature based’ album was ‘in progress’.  Obviously somewhat tentatively, as he’s solely occupied with solo domination as of now. BUT, here’s the thing, now that we’ve loved Pharrell the individual this much, could we also see an N.E.R.D number one in the UK?

Where the pied piper leads we will all undoubtedly follow, of that I’m certain and oh, ‘Happy’ just came on the radio, I’m sorry, I can’t write any more… I have to dance!

-Lucy Jenkins.


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