One Direction, Ariana Grande, and Robin Thicke “Talk Dirty” to us

March 22, 2014

talk dirty

As if we did not love Jason Derulo’s smash hit “Talk Dirty” enough?! In a new video released earlier this month we see at least 20 different celebrities lend a cameo to the hit. Fusing together live performances with celebrity faces from Ariana Grande, Larry King, and Fifth Harmony this video is brimming with A-list names.

To start things off, Derulo has a mash-up of many of the celebrities we will see. But to “sing” the first verse of the song is television and radio host Larry King. Saying the lines “I’m that flight that you get on, international.” We then see singer/producer Will. I. Am mouthing some parts of the first verse.

As we get into the chorus, we have the boys of One Direction. First, Harry and Zayn offer up some splendid dance moves to go along with Derulo’s vocals followed by a shirtless Niall showing us his moves.
And offering us the “Talk dirty to me” line is none other than Mr. Robin Thicke.

Playing the noted snake charmer horn is Fall Out Boy lead-man Pete Wentz, with Fifth Harmony getting down to the beat. Another famous face is telling us to talk dirty to him, Poison singer and rock star Bret Michaels makes in appearance in the video as well.

Enrique Iglesias lends us the Spanish lyrics singing: “Hablame Sucio.” Flo Rida makes a cameo and shows us just how HE “gets jazzy on it.”

“You know the words to my songs, No habla ingles.” Are mouthed by the gorgeous Jordan Sparks, because what is a Jason Derulo video without his fiancĂ©e?!

And as the short video comes to an end we see moves from more famous faces!
We see Austin Mahone showing Flo Rida his best imitation of the “MC Hammer dance”! We see Emblem 3 also getting down with Flo Rida. Ariana Grande makes an appearance with her sweet dance moves and mouthing of the lyrics throughout the video. And of course, One Direction shows us more of their dancing skills.

This video is jam-packed with celebrities and this was just to name a few! To check out the video and see all of them, you can watch the video here:

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Dominique H. (@nique1992)

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