Norm’s Notes: Pay Attention to King Los

March 24, 2014


“This chick in back of me bought me a daiquiri / Sat beside me, said hi, I’m Daphne / Actually, you attracted me after I heard you rapping / There’s something, just happened magically / Automatically grabbing me, sorta drastic dramatically.” – Los (Dark Fantasy)

…Excuse me Mr. Los, can you slow down a little bit, because you’re saying a lot, but I don’t want anyone to get lost.

“I wish you all good fortune as well as foresight / This Rollie on my forearm forcing my Porsche lights / Then reflect, reflecting back to that porch light / When it was on, we was on the steps we was taught like / It’s so symbolic to follow steps to be taught right / I leave the court like Jordan / See the court like Kidd / I seen kids leave the court like, life.” – King Los (5AM in Baltimore).

…Alright, well then I guess we’ll just keep our thumbs hovered over the “pause” and “rewind” buttons to make sure we catch everything. That’s the only dilemma that you’ll face when listening to Baltimore artist, King Los, whose name change was absolutely necessary. Some of the metaphors and wordplay that you’ll hear is at a level of intelligence that I’ve heard crewmembers at NASA are still trying to decipher. I’ve been listening to King Los since I was in high school, and his rhyme scheme and effortless flow has never ceased to impress me, whether the song’s his own, or he is merely a feature on the track. What separates Los from the pack of rappers today is how he makes conscious rap sound so effortless. Stringing together multiple bars that actually make sense AND sound great is hard to come by these days, but Los seems to always rise to the occasion and continue to bring lyrical gold to the table. Don’t believe me? Recently Sway Calloway had Los on his morning talk show and had the rapper freestyle in a segment called the, “5 Fingers of Death” where the artist is given five separate beats while Sway throws out several topics or buzz words to incorporate into the rap. Naturally, Los performed at an all-star level:

And as if that weren’t enough, Los agreed to go on to Sway’s popular MTV show MTV RapFix Live later that day and deliver another Freestyle while also being thrown several word his way, and responded accordingly:

These were just two examples of what you can look forward to from King Los’ music, both past and present. Furthermore, Los has recently parted ways with Diddy’s Bad Boy label and is now a free agent. If I were in any kind of position to sign an artist, I would look no further than Baltimore’s talented King, who is currently looking for a throne. If you are unfamiliar with King Los’ earlier mixtapes, you can download them HERE. Also, be sure to check out Los’ highly anticipated mixtape Zero Gravity 2, which was just released today!

Be sure to tweet us @weknowthedj and let us know if we’ve made you a King Los fan! If not, just rewind the tape and press play again, you won’t regret it!

-Norman P. (@EarlyBird410)

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