Kings of Leon Head to Nashville & Break Out the Home Videos for “Temple”

March 6, 2014


I can’t tell you that I’m surprised to see another awesome video from Kings of Leon. For a chorus that repeats, “I’d take one in the temple / I’d take one for you” it was only right for Kings of Leon to make their families the centerpiece of their visual for “Temple,” the third single from their sixth studio album, Mechanical Bull released in September of last year. The video combines the band’s home videos, featuring each of their wives and children, with footage of the band performing in-studio in their hometown of Nashville, where the video also takes place. One day when their children grow up and are reading our WeKnowTheDJ blog, I figured it would be cool if they already saw their names being featured in news articles, so I did some research to find out that Caleb Followill’s daughter Dixie is featured, as well as Matthew Followill’s son Knox, and Nathan Followill’s daughter Violet. Christopher “Nacho” Followill, cousin of the Followill brothers, which also makes this video so appealing, produced the video. Those familiar with Kings of Leon know that most of their music is heavily influenced by their childhood, family and their journey into adulthood. So, to see that they are continuing to “keep it all in the family” in several aspects that affect the growth of the band, truly makes their music more authentic and enjoyable. Although the Followill brothers (and cousin, Matthew) are originally from Oklahoma and Tennessee, they moved to Nashville to become the Kings of Leon, which they haven’t forgotten, and thus influenced their decision to film the video in Nashville.

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I think what also makes this video so awesome, is the clear depiction of the band’s genuine appreciation for the lives that they share with one another, which we quickly pick up on as the 8mm camera simply follows them around as they coast along the streets of Music City, and in many cases are holding the camera themselves filming one another. As far as the song itself, “Temple” is another infectious track from the Kings, bringing the same incredibly unique and powerful vocals that have come to be expected from lead vocalist, Caleb Followill, with a strong instrumental background.

If you haven’t already purchased the album Mechanical Bull, do yourself a favor and head over to iTunes and download it HERE. Furthermore, If you’ve neglected your ears of their musical genius for this long and have not yet been acquainted with the band, be sure to also check out their earlier albums, as I can honestly say that their sound is unlike any other band that I’ve heard in recent years, and acts as the perfect summertime music to get you through this cold winter season (East coast readers…you know what I mean!)

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-Norman P. (@Earlybird410)

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