Frozen Soundtrack: Available now!

March 28, 2014


The album for the Academy Award winner “Frozen” is available now, and is jam-packed with original songs from the hit film!

Released November of 2013, The “Frozen” soundtrack has been just as successful as the film. Featured on the album are ten songs written and produced by married duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and twenty-two songs written by Christophe Beck. Also, included on the album is Academy Award winning song, “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel. This single was released October of 2013, and has since then not only been re-recorded by pop sensation Demi Lovato, but also recorded in multiple languages and released around the world.

iTunes released two versions of this Walt Disney album, a single-disc, as well as a two-disc digital deluxe edition. The two-disc album features unused outtake recordings, and instrumental versions of the films songs. Both have sold exceptionally well, staying at the top of the iTunes charts.

The album has proved to be very successful since its release, with continuing to stay at the top of  iTunes charts and spending fourteen consecutive weeks on the top of the Billboard Album charts. The album also debut at number 18 on the Billboard 200 chart, which is the top Disney album release since the 2006 animated film ‘Cars’.  Later, it moved up to the number 10 spot ( the 10th Disney album to do so), following that it moved up to spot number 4, which is the highest spot since the 1995 ‘Pocahontas’; even surpassing Beyoncé’s self titled album and reaching the number 1 spot. Spending six consecutive weeks at number 1, this album has taken the throne from the 1998 film ‘Titanic’.

As of March, the album has sold over 1.6 million copies causing it to be certified platinum and is the fourth album from an animated film to achieve such a milestone.

This album is not only wonderfully put together, and  has beautifully written songs, but it is family friendly and fun! If you have not given any of the songs a listen I think you must! And you will find links to both of the albums below! Hope you take a listen and like what you hear!

Regular album:

Deluxe album:

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Dominique H. (@nique1992)

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