The Devil is a Lie! Rick Ross Delivers Another Visual From ‘Mastermind’

March 28, 2014


    Just as I predicted, Rick Ross recently released another visual off of his sixth studio album Mastermind for the infectious track, “The Devil is a Lie” featuring Jay-Z. Arguably the biggest song on the album, it was only a matter of time before we saw a video for it, as Ross teased it on his Twitter and Instagram accounts weeks ahead of time. When I first watched the video, I was concerned, and thought I had clicked on a broken link with a shortened version of the full video because Jay-Z was nowhere to be found. Upon further investigation, the official video has a running time of 2 minutes and 23 seconds and indeed does not feature Mr. Carter. I’m sure the man is busy, being a multi-millionaire and all, but I feel that his presence in the video would have added more excitement and energy to compliment Ross’ antics.

Ross took the time to add Russian translations to the video, so why couldn’t he just video impose Jay-Z into the background to deliver his verse as well? Throughout the entire video, we see flashes of Ross standing around a trashcan fire conveniently located next to his expensive cars, while also switching over to a shirtless Ross continuing his verse in a dark room. The video ends abruptly, with the boss getting into the back of his chauffeured black truck and leaving the scene. I’d like to see more visuals from Ross’ Mastermind album, as I am a huge fan of Ross’ storytelling abilities, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that his verses are usually paired with some of the best production available in the industry today.

What did you think of the video? As always, be sure to tweet us @weknowthedj and let us know what other tracks from Mastermind you’d like to see receive the video treatment, and if you haven’t already picked up the album, you can get your copy HERE.

-Norman P. (@Earlybird410)

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