Chris Brown and… Ariana Grande?!

March 6, 2014

With Fashion Week festivities occurring all around the globe, designers are searching for accessories that everyone “needs.” Well, I can speak for almost everyone when I say earphones are our number one accessories! Whether it’s up-and-coming acts or today’s hottest stars, sounds are always flowing through our ears and into our brain. It’s no secret that as time progresses, things get better so we’re really not surprised that there’s huge plans in the works for 2014.

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We know Chris Brown is getting ready for his May 5th album release and Ariana Grande has been working hard in the studio but are the two working together? A couple of weeks ago, we heard a few rumors about an upcoming collaboration and it seems as though it’s 100% true! For the most part, information about the duet is under lock-and-key but it looks like someone forgot to close the lock.

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While we don’t know many details, we’re beginning to piece together some bits of information and the more we figure out, the more excited we become! Banter and vague tweets have given us lyrical snippets and on-set visuals, the stars and their crews have even taken to Instagram to share some details. A picture of the music video’s call sheet, posted and then deleted by Brown’s stylist, gives us some need-to-know information. The track, which belongs to Chris and just features Ariana, is titled “Don’t Be Gone Too Long,” at least for now. We wouldn’t be surprised if this information leak leads to a title change so stay tuned.

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The fact that a video is already in progress, months before Brown’s album release date, makes us believe the track will be the project’s lead single and will most likely be released within the upcoming weeks. Grande and Brown have also posted a few sneak peeks from the duet, including tweets with lyrics and pictures from set and rehearsal. Based on the two star’s Twitter accounts, it seems like you’ll be singing along with “I dug a single seed into the ground, I hope it grows” and “in a year or two if you’re around, you’ll see a rose” very soon!

A few friends have refereed to the collaboration as being the “most spectacular video ever,” making us even more excited for its release! What are your thoughts on the collaboration? Shocked? Anxious? Excited? Confused? Thrilled? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know!

Meg C. (@meganciampo)

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