Bieber Is Back At It With New Music!

March 27, 2014

He’s back at it (Juug Man Voice). No seriously, this may have been his plan all along and we’re finally catching up to speed. Distract the world with a little scandal, while recording some hits behind the scenes.


The criticism has been peaking over the months but in stepping back to look at the bigger picture, JB never actually stopped doing his job. Rewinding it back a little over a year ago, we started 2013 off with the release of an entire acoustic album following his chart-topping Believe. Now let’s give the kid credit to the fact that he continued to tour but the music came to no halt. Heavy promo of new music came with the end of the 2nd leg of American Believe Tour.

Finally, consecutive weekly releases of Music Journals put a muzzle on a handful- most likely making them think, “oh, so he really does work hard and make music?” To that we say, DUH!!!!

The most popular misconception of a musician today is their bad influence. Headlines hesitate to read, “Blah-Blah does charity work!” Rather, we’ve gotten in the habit to micro-analyze the miscellaneous facts. An artist may sit down to write a song (or 1000) about her heartbreak, it might be the catchiest beat you’ve heard in your life but our generation will give her an official stamp reading “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!” Yes, we’re talking about T-Swift but here’s the simple fact we forget: Music is art.

The most reputable sources tell us art is, “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination… appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” So tell me, where do we get off criticizing someone for doing just that? For making art? In fact it’s quite arrogant and hypocritical.

Now that we have that lesson out of the way, let’s talk about what’s to come. An influx of new artists and producers; that’s what’s going on in the studio with JB as of late! Having left the LA scene quite swiftly, Bieber is currently residing in Toronto (strictly in the studio it seems) and recording music. With some thorough investigating, instagram tells us he may not have seen daylight in days but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


From getting things done with producer GG4G to the likes of Lil Boosie telling us there may be a collaboration coming our way, we’re in no place to predict exactly how the new music may turn out. Thankfully, a fan-devoted JB is here to fill in the blanks for us. First, he’s welcoming anyone and everyone who wants to work, into the studio, even sending out a quick message to producer Soundz on Insta telling him to hurry up to Toronto!

As for his music? JB never disappoints so a quick preview of his new sound was even shared as well… we can’t help but giggle in excitement with this one being DJ Mustard produced!

Caption reads: Girls be in the the club like OMG this is my song!!!!! Lol

With Bieber’s dedication to his fans, we want to hear from YOU! Tell us your predictions of what’s to come in this next chapter of Bieber. What do you think this music will be like?

We’re placing our bets on the fact that till might be his best music yet! Tweet us at @weknowthedj to chat!

-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)

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