Acoustic Premiere: ‘Hotel Ceiling’ Video!

March 20, 2014


Our favourite UK pop-rockers released their EP on Tuesday, March 18th through Scooter Braun’s Schoolboy Records, partnered with Interscope. In light of the release, the boys decided to record an acoustic performance of the track ‘Hotel Ceiling.’

These dreamy lads made a name for themselves earlier in their career through YouTube covers of popular tracks including Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and their satire video making fun of mainstream pop in their original track “Make Out” last October.


Co-written by Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco, this track is building the pathway to the next level for their artistry. The melodies in itself are distinguishing Rixton apart from any other YouTube cover artist.

The track starts off modest and soft with light strumming of the base and vocals. About a minute in, the rest of the boys chime in and a drum beat rolls throughout.

“I’ve been starin’ at the hotel ceiling, drinking everything that I’ve found this evening…” The song goes on to talk about the longing for that special girl, and how her leaving has put a strain on these boys. This is a song you can easily get lost in, wether it’s the lyrics you’re relating to or the music notes you’re following- there are no flaws.

“‘Hotel Ceiling’ means a lot to us as a band, and we feel like it’s a song many people will be able to relate to,” shared, Jake Roche of Rixton, “Lyrically, it’s very heartfelt and we hope to convey that same honesty in the music as well.”

In support of their project, the group will be touring U.S. Radio stations in the upcoming months to promote their new music.

If you’re loving the acoustic video, you’ll have to check out their full EP on iTunes now! (

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-Sara Soulati (@sarasoulati)


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