5 Seconds Of Summer Is Taking Over!

March 24, 2014


Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you still might have heard of 5 Seconds Of Summer at some point! The Aussie-based pop-punk band, consisting of members, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, and Calum Hood have been taking the world by storm in the last 12 months. 

The boys of 5SOS are based in Australia. Hemmings, Clifford, and Hood all attended the same school and formed 5 Seconds of Summer in December 2011. Hemmings provides lead vocals and plays guitar. Clifford provides vocals and plays guitar as well, while Hood plays bass. Now bring in Irwin as the drummer later that month and 5SOS is a complete band! What makes 5 Seconds of Summer so different from the stereotypical boy band we are used to seeing is that 5SOS isn’t a boy band at all! They are a band of boys. It’s different. The boys gained their following by posting various covers of hit songs onto YouTube including “With You” by Chris Brown and “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus. With literally zero promotion (kind of like the Beyoncé of 2012), they released their first EP entitled, “Unplugged” and reached Number 3 on the Australian iTunes Charts.

The beautiful thing about YouTube is that ANYONE can view your videos. Our very own Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson among others (i.e. Austin Mahone) have been discovered on the website. In the summer of 2012, One Direction member Louis Tomlinson came across 5SOS’ chipmunked music video of the 1D hit “One Thing.” Tomlinson later tweeted the link to 5SOS’ song “Gotta Get Out,” and Niall Horan later tweeted their song “Out of My Limit.”  Fast forward to November 2012 and One Direction’s “Take Me Home” album is released, and skip ahead three more months, and it is announced that 5 Seconds of Summer would be the opening act for One Direction’s 2013 Take Me Home Tour.

Whilst opening for the Take Me Home Tour, you can agree that the 5SOS Fam grew exponentially. Each of the four boys’ Twitter accounts and their joint 5SOS band account have all surpassed 1 Million followers, while Luke and the band account have surpassed 2 Million (the other boys aren’t too far behind though). After the Take Me Home Tour wrapped in the 5SOS native land of Australia, 5SOS headlined their own sold out tour in Australia. In November 2013, 5 Seconds of Summer signed with Capitol Records, and even made their own label, “Hi Or Hey Records.” 

2013 was a hell of a year for 5 Seconds of Summer, and 2014 has started off white-hot as well! In early February, the 5SOS boys announced their latest single entitled “She Looks So Perfect,” which reached the number one spot in over 39 countries. On March 21st, 5SOS announced that they would once again be opening for One Direction, but this time on 1D’s Where We Are Tour. Where We Are is a worldwide stadium tour, with 1D and 5SOS hitting every major stadium in the world, with North America currently having the most dates at 31. 

5SOS’ “She Looks So Perfect” EP is currently available in select countries and available for pre-order in others. For all news regarding the boys’ music, tours, and their antics in general, you can go online to 5sos-official.tumblr.com! If you’re on Twitter, the boys’ accounts are @5SOS, @Luke5SOS, @Michael5SOS, @Ashton5SOS, and @Calum5SOS. They are also on other various social media outlets including Instagram, Keek, and Facebook and those pages are not hard to find either. 

5 Seconds of Summer is easily the band to look out for, because their popularity is growing at a rapid pace. If you haven’t seen the music video for “She Looks So Perfect”, or if you just want to watch it again, I’ll post it below. The There’s No Place Like Home Tour was announced for Australia earlier this week and the preorder for those dates is tomorrow morning, 23rd March. Is 5SOS the next big pop punk band? Why yes they are!

-Blake M

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