A Die Hard Fan’s Review of The 20/20 Experience Tour

February 1, 2014

In honor of Justin Timberlake’s 33rd Birthday (woop woop!), allow us to present an official WKTDJ review of JT’s spectacular 20/20 Experience Tour.


It would be accurate to say I have been a die-hard JT fan since 1999, so when I go to see JT I expect him to sound, look and perform great. It took me two whole weeks after seeing The 20/20 Experience Tour at Key Arena in Seattle until I finally felt ready to write about it. My hesitation wasn’t because I was unsure if I liked the show – in fact, I LOVED it and had an unforgettable time. What kept me from writing was the fear that my words would be an inadequate description of Timberlake’s exceptional production. (It takes an immense effort to resist from just jamming down the keys on my keyboard in all caps, so bear with me while I try to be articulate.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.47.22 PM

If you’re on the fence about buying tickets to The 20/20 Experience, read through the answers to these FAQs about the show:

Does he have an opener? What time does JT go on?

While PBR&B singer The Weeknd joined Timberlake for a short itinerary between November 6th through the 15th, The 20/20 Experience  Tour no longer includes an opening act. Timberlake’s DJ gets the party started at 8pm as indicated on your ticket. You can expect danceable tunes until 8:30pm, at which point it becomes a 30-minute waiting period for the President of Pop to take the stage promptly at 9pm.

How long does he perform for, and which songs does he sing?

Three. Solid. Hours. Excuse me while I die happily. In Seattle, JT gave us a short ten-minute intermission after the first hour of his set. When he returned, JT jokingly (and accurately) dubbed the intermission a “pee-pee break” and encouraged the audience to get themselves a drink from the bar if we hadn’t already. Oh Justin, you know us so well.

The tour showcases songs from both the 20/20 Experience and his earlier, FutureSex/LoveSounds. Since he’s on stage for three hours, you have probably correctly guessed that he plays almost all the songs from both albums. To the delight of “die-hards” like myself, JT also included the most memorable tracks from his first solo album, Justified on his setlist. He even sang “Gone” from his days with NSYNC, Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature,” and “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley.

Sigh. He really does spoil us. View the complete setlist here.

Ticket Costs?


My 100-level seats were $175.00 at face value (and no, that doesn’t include fees). While I would have preferred seats on the VIP floor, sipping Justin Timberlake’s very own 901 Tequila, I was quite satisfied with my seats. I was even more satisfied when I found out just how superior JT’s stage setup was. During his performance of “Let The Groove Get In,” the front section of the end stage detached, rose to the height of the 100-level seats, and travelled the length of the arena so that JT could be closer to us all. Genius!

What was the range of merchandise prices?


While I initially struggled to choose between a shot glass for $15 and some “Sexy Back” panties for $25, my friend and I decided to go all out for some $60 teal hoodies (pictured above on the far right). We were more than pleased with our purchase and wore our zip-ups to brunch the next day…you know, to help with our post-concert depression.

Was it better than the FutureSex/LoveShow?

Miraculously, this show was even more enjoyable than the FutureSex/LoveShow simply because JT indulged us more — there was just way more material! He performed (almost) every song, interlude, and then some. However, I’m sad to report that three hours with JT still wasn’t enough.

Would I see it again?

After seeing his running tour, I can attest that he has yet to let me down. Not only would I see this show again, I have concrete plans to see him on his second trip to San José, CA in August. See you there, JT!


How would I describe Timberlake’s performance overall? He was brilliant. Among my favorite parts was Justin’s romantic opening performance of “Pusher Love Girl” (I may have cried during this part), the laser light show which ran for the duration of “Only When I Walk Away,” and the sound of Justin’s beautiful voice as he sang “Love Stoned” followed by the “I Think She Knows” interlude. Oh, and of course “Mirrors.”

Justin Timberlake performing “Mirrors” at Key Arena in Seattle, January 17th, via Youtube user: AV INTHEMIX.

Justin Timberlake is on a break from touring until he picks up the mic again on February 7th in Fargo, ND. For a full list of JT’s upcoming tour stops, visit his website and keep checking the fluctuating prices on Stubhub. Have any good pics from seeing the 20/20 Experience show in your city? We want to see them! Tweet them to us @weknowthedj.

~ Jenni Moore (@JenniferKayMo)

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