You Weren’t the ONLY One Crying During that Budweiser Commercial: Highlights from the Commercials of Super Bowl XLVIII

February 5, 2014


Let me begin by stating the obvious: when this little pup came on-screen, EVERYONE put their buffalo chicken dip down, grabbed their significant other, and wept happy tears like you did the first time you found out that you were going to Disney World (Sorry to those who have never been to Disney World…book that trip NOW). You probably also went to download the song in the background (“Let It Go” by Passenger) if it wasn’t already in your iTunes.

While Budweiser definitely took the cake for best Super Bowl commercial, they received solid competition from Cheerios:

The look that little Gracie gives her Dad after she slides the Cheerio for the puppy to the center of the table is classic! And if you can’t already tell, I’m clearly a sucker for the cute commercials…you just can’t go wrong with puppies.

Another crowd favorite was the Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt commercial, featuring the popular male trio from Full House, John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier:

Budweiser continued to pull on the Ol’ heartstrings, releasing this commercial honoring those courageous heroes who deserve more than just a 60 second spot (Music:”Coming Home Pt. II” by Skylar Grey):

At this point, these commercials have me crying at every incomplete pass! Good thing Microsoft came to the rescue with its theme of inspiration, showing us all the power of technology in today’s world:

Coca-cola followed suit with a powerful commercial, blending together several versions of “America the Beautiful” in different languages as one cohesive chorus. This commercial drew a lot of speculation and negative attention, as naïve viewers interpreted this as a disrespectful rendition of our National Anthem. I can only hope that they quickly come to their senses and realize that “America the Beautiful” is not our national anthem:

Overall, this year’s Super Bowl commercials were not as strong and memorable as those of the past. Think about it, while we didn’t even care about what commercials came on after the halftime show when Beyoncé took over the stadium with her performance last year, (Well, I did…Ravens all day) we were treated to hysterical commercials from the likes of Taco Bell:

…To shocking commercials like this (Censored) one from

Maybe subconsciously we thought the commercials were slightly worse this year because the game was so uneventful. You would think that for the amount of money that each corporation invests in their commercials to be played during the Super Bowl, that there must be an extensive screening process before their commercial airs. However, when it comes down to it, I’ll still be stuffing my face full of Doritos and you’ll still be pouring milk into your bowl of Cheerios after that dinner that you cooked just wasn’t quite filling enough! Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks on a well-earned victory for their first Super Bowl in franchise history.
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-Norman P. (@Earlybird410)




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