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February 16, 2014


Rihanna has had her fair share of music awards and accomplishments, and she can add another to the list. BadgalRiri now has a whopping 16 videos that are Vevo Certified, the first solo artist to do so. In order for a video to become Vevo Certified, it must have at least 100 million views. So you can see how amazing this accomplishment is.

I figured it’s only right to give you a few of my favorite videos that made it to the Vevo Certified list. So let’s get to it, shall we!

The first video goes way back, back to 2006 to be exact. This video is off of the album, A Girl Like M” the song; “Unfaithful” was not only heart wrenching, but had a killer video to match. The video depicts the lyrics in one of the best ways that I have ever seen. Rihanna is in a relationship, but has been unfaithful. Knowing that it is hurting his boyfriend she sings:

“And I know that he knows

I’m Unfaithful and it

kills him inside,

to know that I am happy

with some other guy,

I can see him dying.

In the video, you can see the pain with Rihanna as she tries to be honest with her boyfriend, but she also does not want to hurt him. This is one of my favorite videos because it is so real. You can almost feel and believe the pain that goes along with the video.

Watch this video here:

Second on my list is from the 2007 album, Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded.  “Hate that I Love You”; featuring R&B singer Ne-Yo, shows the more flirtatious side of Rihanna. The duo’s voices mesh well together and show a bit of chemistry on camera. In the video you see Rihanna in a hotel room getting ready for a date, while Ne-Yo is en route to the hotel by foot. Judging by the lyrics one would assume that they are preparing to see each other. A little more than half way through the video, we see the two come in contact at an elevator, contrary to what we all were thinking; Ne-Yo steps in and Rihanna steps out.  Ne-Yo arrives at the door of his girlfriend, as Rihanna finds her boyfriend outside. This video had something of a little story line, again with the lyrics perfectly displayed in the video; it captures your attention for nearly five minutes and leaves us all wanting more.

Video here:

Coming in third is a song also off of the album Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded. Probably one of her more popular songs and videos: “Take A Bow.” This video depicts Rihanna’s attitude on cheating.

And don’t tell me you’re

sorry cause you’re not.

Baby, when I know

you’re only sorry

you got caught.”

The lyrics to this song don’t need a video with much going on, and Rihanna captures that idea perfectly. You see her singing the majority of the song with a black backdrop. Other than that, you see her driving and a man clearly begging for forgiveness, you also notice that Rihanna does not have time for it or him.  I love the message this song sends out, the video only adds to the meaning of it.

Take a look here:

Fourth is not only one of my favorite videos, but favorite songs as well. From the appropriately titled album, Rated R, Rihanna shows us more of her wild side, this song in particular. Rude Boy”; released in 2009 was safari themed, filled with African colors and animals. With suggestive lyrics and dancing, we all witness Rihanna transform into the icon that she is now. There is so much energy in this video it is hard to look away, capturing everyone’s attention for the full three minutes and forty-five seconds, you’ll love every minute of this video.

Check it out here:

Last, but certainly not least is a more recent song off the album: Talk That Talk. This 2011 single is much different from the previous video, “Rude Boy”. Keeping the video black and white with the lyrics flashing across the screen every so often, Rihanna sings this ballad type song and keeps us entertained with her dancing and costume changes throughout. Rocking every look from fishnet pants and jacket, to leather overalls with a small black hat, she looks amazing in every look.

Make sure to check this love song out here:

So, that’s my list! Hopefully you enjoy some of these videos as much as I do!

What is your favorite Rihanna video? Let us know @weknowthedj

-Dominique H (nique1992)

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