U2 Open In A Sunset Blaze Of Glory On Fallon’s ‘Tonight’ Debut

February 22, 2014


Fresh off the back of his immense popularity on the ‘Late Night’ show, Jimmy Fallon headed into the hallowed territory of the ‘Tonight’ show on Monday and as you would expect of a season opener of such grand importance, the show was packed to the rafters with entertainment and celebrity. So much so, that one wonders if the whole series of the ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ will be able to stand up to the sheer quantity of content of this first night.

Still, Fallon remained as affable as ever and guests U2 opened the show with a stunning performance of their latest stand alone single ‘Invisible’ atop the Rockerfeller Center with nature’s finest special effect, a New York sunset, to accompany them. ┬áThis is a band that has performed more times than your gran has had hot dinners so, unsurprisingly, they played into the hands of the crowd with ease, it was rock gold. It didn’t matter whether you liked the song (released earlier this month to test the waters for their evolving sound) or not, there was enough general spectacle taking place to please everyone.

The band didn’t didn’t stop there with the musical feast though, they appeared later in the show performing an acoustic version of their Oscar nominated track ‘Ordinary Love’ form the soundtrack to the film ‘Mandela: Walk To Freedom’. The stripped back song made for a beautiful moment and one which had been a long-time coming for the host Fallon, who said in the past that if he ever had U2 on his show, he would ask them to play an acoustic song. Well Mr. Fallon your wish was granted.

-Lucy Jenkins.


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