She’s Still Jenny From the Block

February 1, 2014


The music industry is full of success stories that begin in run-down locations and follow an artist as they transform themselves to fit the mold of Hollywood’s bright lights. Anyone can get lost in the camera flashes but it takes a true artist to remember where their story began. Starting her music career in 1999, Jennifer Lopez has easily become one of the biggest acts in the world. With the January 30th release of her newest music video, Lopez has proven that she’s still “Jenny from the Block.”

The “Same Girl” music video is just that, a confirmation that J.Lo is in fact the same girl. Premiering the three and a half-minute video on Complex, J.Lo takes a memorable trip through her old neighborhood, the Bronx. Trading in a high-end Hollywood production for an appearance by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra, Lopez features as many hometown faces as possible throughout the video’s duration.

With a Yankee hat atop her head and a leather/fur jacket that’s definitely necessary for a New York City winter, Jennifer takes pictures with her fans and includes them as much as possible in the video. Due to a 1999 début album titled “On The 6,” it’s only right that Jennifer Lopez hops aboard the 6 train, which runs throughout the Bronx and Manhattan.  We’ve posted the homage to the Bronx below so be sure to check out the “getting back to your roots” video. After all, it’s about remembering where you’re from.

While talking about the filming process, Lopez said, “This was probably the craziest thing I’ve done in my career of music and movies. I like being able to do things spontaneously, and not have everything so planned out.” Singing “I’m tired of trying to make you see that I’m still me,” I can speak for the entire WeKnowTheDJ team when I say we believe she’s the same artist! What do you think of the video? Send us your thoughts at @weknowthedj with the hashtag #wktdjSameGirl

Meg C. (@meganciampo)

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