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February 13, 2014


Over the past few years we’ve seen Miley Cyrus change her hair, her clothes, and her music; however with the release of ‘Bangerz’ we’ve gotten to see an even more outrageous side of Miley. Throughout 2013 we’ve seen Miley twerk with teddy bears, get nude in her music videos, and smoke a joint on stage in Amsterdam – we may think that we’ve seen it all from her, but I bet she has a few more tricks up her sleeve for her upcoming Bangerz tour.

 The leadoff single ‘We Can’t Stop’ was released on June 3rd, with the accompanying music video released on June 19th. There couldn’t have possibly been a better single to prelude what to expect from her upcoming album. The music video for ‘We Can’t Stop’ gained 10.7 million views in its first 24 hours of being released, breaking the Vevo record for most views in one day. People just couldn’t stop talking about and watching the video where Miley twerks with a teddy bear and makes-out with a Barbie all while wearing next to nothing. The controversial lyrics and provocative video did exactly what Miley wanted them to do- it separated her from Disney and helped her establish the image she wanted to create for herself. If Miley wanted to prove that she ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ she definitely accomplished that!

If you haven’t seen the video yet (which is highly unlikely) here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Then, to follow up with her music video Miley decided to perform ‘We Can’t Stop’ at the MTV VMAs alongside Robin Thicke. As if the music video wasn’t outrageous enough, Miley decided to kick this performance up a notch. I know you all remember the foam finger.


Anyways, Miley decided to give both the fans and the critics something to talk about and twerked all up on the married Robin Thicke, along with lots of tongue and misuse of a foam finger. This performance was undoubtedly the most talked about performance of the entire year!

Again if you haven’t seen it (which I wouldn’t believe you if you told me you hadn’t) here it is!

Coincidently, on August 25th (the same day as the VMA’s) Miley’s second single ‘Wrecking Ball’ was released. This song came as a shock for most, with much deeper lyrical content than most expected. The track is slowed down and really focuses on Miley’s vocal talent. The song describes a decline of a relationship, and is thought to be about her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth. ‘Wrecking Ball’ quickly became Miley’s first number one single in the US. A week later the music video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ was released, which notably features close-ups of Miley with tears in her eyes, licking a hammer, and riding on a wrecking ball while nude. This video quickly surpassed the previous Vevo record for most views in 24 hours (within only 13 hours) and also became the fastest video to ever reach 100 million views on the site.  Critics gave mixed opinions on the music video, claiming it was more provocative then ‘We Can’t Stop’ but that it also did a fantastic job on highlighting Miley’s raw talent.

If you want to refresh your mind with the current Vevo record holder, here it is-

After what felt like a lifetime of waiting to see what the rest of ‘Bangerz’ would hold, the album was finally released on October 4th. The album featured artists like Britney Spears, Future, Ludacris, Big Sean, French Montana, and Freebandz. Needless to say, the album effortlessly became #1 on iTunes within a matter of hours. Critics gave the album generally favorable reviews, noting that the album “accomplished the mission of selling Miley as an independent woman” and “introduced her as an A-list pop star”. The album has since been certified Gold, selling over 806,000 copies! The success of this album proves that Miley has successfully made the transition from child-star to adult super-star.


The third single off the album, ‘Adore You’ was recently released on December 17th. Although this single did not receive as much hype as the previous two, it still remains one of the critics’ favorites off of the album. The music video however has received just as much attention as anticipated. In the video Miley is seen wearing a see-through nude bra while lying on a bed, and then in a black lace dress in a bathtub. Throughout the video the camera switches back and forth from night vision, most people assume this is to represent the making of a sex tape.

Miley has recently turned to Cedric Gervais (most widely known for his remix of Summertime Sadness) and asked him to create a remix of ‘Adore You’. I can definitely see this version climbing in the charts, despite the original’s release. Have a listen here if you haven’t heard it already-

Sunday marks the opening night of her much anticipated Bangerz tour and we have no idea what to expect. The possibilities of what she might have in store for us are endless. Miley has recently been posting pictures and promo videos on her Instagram and Twitter, giving us some insight into what she has planned.

tour3 tour2 tour1

She has been seen rehearsing in front of a giant colorful screen, alongside furry friends, and on top of a flying hotdog. Needless to say, this tour is definitely going to be something you will regret if you miss.

You should check out her tour information page and see if she’s coming to an arena near you-

If you need any more reason to justify why you should go see her show check out her tour promo video here-

This is not something you are going to want to miss, mark my words. I’m personally counting down the days until her show in Orlando, Fl.

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Remember, BUY YOUR BANGERZ TOUR TICKETS NOW!! This is going to be the show of a lifetime, and is easily one of the most anticipated tours of the year.

See you soon Miley! @ItsBritMeow (Brittany Dybiec)

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