It’s All About the Music

February 13, 2014

all about the music

It’s a sentence that is overused and abused. Every well-known musician says it, but nobody seems to take it seriously… “It’s all about the music.”


There is no denying the power of music, whether it be the lyrics, the sound, or through the artist. Everyone is a little bias towards their favorite artist, but sometimes things are taken a step too far. A line as simple as, “it’s all about the music,” is being used in various different ways to create a facade for the music industry.


There are scandals, front pages, giant magazine spreads, and even some truth that floats to the surface of the social media universe, but what every artist truly wants is a music-focused career. Take a moment to erase every negative headline talking about a musician and just listen to the music. Be in the moment and appreciate the artistry that went into an album. There was time, innovative ideas, and people who put all their energy into one album making it the masterpiece that it is. Just because some music may not be “your type,” doesn’t mean the album is not perfect to other people. “It’s all about the music” has an underlying meaning. It means to quit the hate and love what’s playing because that is all it’s about.


Focus on the music because that’s what is important. Who cares if mistakes are made, because it’s their life, not yours. Fall in love with the beat of a song because that’s what it’s there for. Let the music uplift you and let it create a new confidence for you. Music is such a beautiful way to express oneself, judging people on anything other than their music is clearly absurd.


“It’s all about the music” might just be the most important statement I’ve heard regarding the music industry in a while. People tend to take actions made by musicians personally, when really all you need to care about is the music being produced. Not going to lie, even I get caught up in the latest news about various artists, but sitting back and appreciating the beauty that is music makes everything else disappear. 


At the end of the day, focus on the positive. Focus on what really matters. Focus on the fact that your favorite artist took the time to compose something perfect enough for the world to hear. Be happy that music is alive and keeps the world going. Music is the driving force to so much now a days, step back and take pleasure in it. Notice how without music in our daily life everything else would be boring. Making the realization that music has guided so many of us will help every person realize, that it truly is “all about the music.”


-Sophie P. (@Sophiepipitone)


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