Mariah Carey says “You’re Mine” just in time for Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2014


Mariah Carey fans get ready, because the powerhouse is back! Mariah Carey drops a new ballad only two days before Valentine’s Day and shows the world that yes, she’s still got it. Releasing a teaser video on Monday (February 10) filled with the songstress’ many awards and talents; Mariah prepares us all for her new album and single.


MC dropped her new single, You’re Mine (Eternal) on Wednesday (February 12) with much anticipation and excitement from her fans. It has been quite some time since Mariah has released new music. But this track was only a precursor to her album due to be released May 6 of this year.


Playing up on the close release to Valentine’s Day, Mariah designed the cover art to her new song with the popular Valentine’s Day candies that contain a little message. Straying from the normal “Be Mine”, I Love You, and “Hug Me”, Mariah simply has the name of her song with her trademark “MC” covering three of the candies.

mc candies

You’re Mine is the perfect song to be released for Valentine’s Day, the lyrics living up to what your significant other would definitely want to hear:

“I can’t seem to live without your love,

 Suffocating here by myself dying for your touch,

 Springtime eyes that get you every time,

 And I just can’t seem to give you up

 You’re mine.”

 “You make me feel

 Like love would never end,

 How can I forget?

 Baby we were the best

Suffered dreams of you all through the night

 And baby I can’t seem to give you up;

 You’re mine.”


Starting off with more of a mellow and soft sound, and finishing strong is traditional of Mariah. And she proves that this song is no different. Coming to an end with her signature high octaves, the song does just that.

If this song makes you fall in love as did I, make sure to check it out on ITunes and YouTube here:

And if you liked this version, also make sure to check out the remix to the single ft. Trey Songz here.

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