Make “Midnight Memories” with One Direction

February 10, 2014


Being young is all about creating memories with friends, right? Well, One Direction has captured that idea perfectly in their new video, “Midnight Memories”. The world-renowned group dropped the much anticipated video January 31, from their Midnight Memories album.

Directed by Ben Winston and shot in London, the video starts at what looks like a dud of a party. With various members of the group scattered throughout the house, they all look less than enthused to be there.  But, as soon as the DJ at the party drops the “Midnight Memories” record… It all changes.

As soon as the single drops, Harry appears. He sings the first line, and the other members quickly join in. Leaving the party, the group ends up at what looks like a local kebab restaurant and begin to throw a party of their own. There are several people there and they are truly living the life. Singing, dancing around, having a good time, Harry and Niall jump the counter at the restaurant and begin to serve the people there.


Leaving the restaurant, the boys enter the streets of London. They pick up what appears to be Hoveround scooters to ride around the town, and even find some senior citizens along the way.  At first, it seems the boys are shocked to see seniors riding around the streets of London at this time of the night on scooters. But they make it clear that they are more than willing to share their good time with the seniors, even stopping in the road singing with them.


The scooter ride brings the boys to a boat cop. While Niall distracts the cop with what looks like an autograph, the other boys hop on his boat and as soon as Niall hops in, they ride off. Riding through the water, the boat brings the group to the infamous Tower Bridge. Ending with the boys scaling the structure, the song fades.


This song was an excellent representation of what the boys were trying to accomplish with the song:  a night full of memories with your friends, and even those you may come in contact with.

You can pick up a copy of the group’s album on Itunes here:

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the video:

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-Dominique H. @nique1992

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