Lea Michele Pays Tribute to Cory Monteith

February 13, 2014


Two voices clearly meant for glee club and two hearts destined to be together made millions of fans fall madly in love with the on and off screen couple. Awaiting the release of her album, Louder, Lea Michele dropped another single that is extremely close to her heart due to the devastating and tragic death of her fiancé, Cory Monteith.

Lea’s latest single, Youre Mine, is just the start to her recovery process. Lea mentioned on twitter how this song is her heart, and the response to ‘You’re Mine has been amazing. Overwhelming love from supporters everywhere got this song to number 4 on the iTunes charts in one day. The dedication to Cory brings the song to a personal level, definitely leaving a beautiful impression making sales for the song go up.

Not only do Lea’s lyrics speak volumes, her vocals are just as outstanding. The compelling words accompanied by her voice, deliver raw emotions that can be rare in the industry today. Her passion for Cory is out for the public to hear, of course striking a chord inside their dearest fans. The rest of Lea’s album is sure to be filled with more personal tales making an addition to the five already released songs.

In anticipation for her album due out March 4th, check out “You’re Mine” and four other pre-released songs including her first single, “Cannonball.” Complete the rest of Lea Michele’s story about love and being an on screen star by pre-ordering Louder, on iTunes now.

-Sophie P (@sophiepipitone)


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