Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar Get Radioactive on SNL

February 5, 2014


This past Saturday night Imagine Dragons was invited to perform as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live. Of course we were all hoping that they’d perform their hit song ‘Radioactive’ but we did not expect them to bring out Kendrick Lamar as a special guest! It was like the Grammy’s all over again!


First, they performed ‘Radioactive’ which started out seemingly normal, with a few string instrument additions. After the second chorus the band members all left their usual instruments and mic stands and picked up drum sticks. The cellos and the drums then began to play in synchronized fashion, and that’s when a mysterious hooded figure walked out onto stage and began to rap. Lo and behold it was the one and only Kendrick Lamar! He then rapped for what felt like minutes without breathing and blew all of our minds. His rap addition brings the song to a whole new level, transforming it from over-played to just right! Kendrick then joined them in singing the last chorus before the song came to an end.

You can find the video for the first performance here:

Later on in the show Imagine Dragons (minus Kendrick Lamar) came back on stage to perform their most recent hit ‘Demons’. This set was much more laid back, but still just as entertaining. Under a blue glow, Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragon’s lead singer) let his beautiful vocals shine. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them perform this song because it shows off their true talent.

You can find the video for the second song here:

Overall, it was a fantastic night for SNL and Imagine Dragons. I’m sure they gained a few more fans after both of those outstanding performances.

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Brittany Dybiec @ItsBritMeow


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