From Curtain Call to Concert Hall

February 18, 2014

If some of Hollywood’s biggest actors and actresses weren’t busy making the world’s greatest films, they might have had some time to win over music lovers.

Johnny Depp

johnny depp

In terms of appearance, Johnny Deep’s stage presence would resemble John Mayer. The mysterious and rugged bad-boy look would be an attention grabber while his relaxed personality would help him breeze through every lyric.  Although he could do just fine crooning with a guitar in hand, he would be much better fitted for Broadway. Based on the complexity of his previous acting roles such as Jack Sparrow and Sweeney Todd, the transition to be easy for him. His perfect role would be in Les Miserables, as the inn keeper who maintains an eccentric persona throughout the play. In reality, there’s no limits to what Johnny Deep could do because of his ability to be totally engrossed in any emotion he tries to express.

Jennifer Lawrence

jenny law

This “girl on fire” could be just as much of a hit in the music industry as she is in the movie business. She would be as loved as Taylor Swift, yet fearless and edgy like Demi Lovato. As usual, she would fly solo because being in a group would cast a shadow on her sparkling personality. A majority of her songs would be upbeat and fun, similar to Katy Perry, but she could slow it down and sing about meaningful topics as well. Due to the fact that’s she’s so humble, she would make a great role model in this area too.

Russell Brand


Russell Brand’s over-the-top personality is ideal for the lead singer of a rock band. With the skinny jeans, flowing locks, and daring tendencies, he would catch and keep the world’s attention. Along with his band, they would live the rock star life and travel to a different city every night to break some girls’ hearts. The beat to every song would be made for head-banging, and every performance would be one to remember. Let’s not forget he’s already dipped into the music world with ‘Stroke the Furry Wall’ from his movie “Get Him to the Greek.”

Sofia Vergara


Move over Shakira, Sofia Vergara could be the next biggest thing in Latin music. With her youthful looks, sassy attitude, and Colombian roots Vergara would be burning up the charts with her hip-shaking tunes. The Latin flare she would put on her songs would be a great combination to her quick wit and make her simply irresistible to the public. While she would mostly tour in South American countries, she would be able to bring in a good amount of cultural entertainment into North America.

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-Lauren Fabiszak (@kidrauhlsjonas)

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