“Baby” Hits 1 Billion!

February 24, 2014


Beliebers you have done it! Days before Justin Bieber turns 20 his music video for the hit single “Baby” reaches 1 BILLION views.  Justin Bieber is the first artist to have a Vevo video reach such a milestone. Amidst all of the drama surrounding Justin right now, this could not have come at a better time!

However, this is not the first milestone the song has reached. A few months ago one of our very own members of the WeKnowTheDj team witnessed Justin receive the acclaimed Diamond Award for “Baby”. This award shows that “Baby” has reached over 12 million in sales making it the most certified song ever! Check out Meg’s article here! : http://weknowthedj.com/2013/08/justin-biebers-baby-goes-diamond/

But, back to the video now!

“Baby”, included on Justin’s “My World 2.0” album and featuring the first collaboration with Ludacris has been a hit since its release in 2010. Releasing, in February and becoming Vevo Certified just two months later showed that the world was addicted to this song.

Taking place in a bowling alley with Justin trying to capture the attention of female lead Jasmine Villegas, the video keeps our attention for the entire 3 minutes and 44- seconds. With dance offs, bowling, laughing, and even a cameo from fellow Canadian Drake, it makes it hard to look away. Not to mention Ludacris’ verse which I’m pretty sure everyone sings when the song comes on, no matter where you are!


The video comes to an end with Justin winning over the girl, with lyrics to perfectly match the ending:

“Now I’m all gone

Yeah Yeah Yeah,

Yeah Yeah Yeah.

I’m gone.”

This being one of Justin Bieber’s first music videos, and him being the only artist to reach such a milestone while still a teenager is quite the accomplishment!

So from all of your Beliebers and everyone here at the WeKnowTheDj: Congratulations Justin Bieber! Happy Early Birthday!

Dominique Hicks (@nique1992)


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