Sir. Paul McCartney And Ringo Starr Reunited For Grammys

January 28, 2014

Sir. Paul McCartney took to the Grammy stage on Sunday night with a little help from his friend Ringo Starr. The two surviving Beatles gave us a wonderful performance of Paul’s song ‘Queenie Eye’ taken from his latest album ‘New’ and reminded us why they are absolute kings of classic rock. Seeing Ringo on the drums behind Paul and his famous piano was a treat! Yoko Ono looked on from the crowd, rocking out next to her son Sean Lennon, who resembles his late father so closely it was almost as if he were there!

Earlier in the night, Ringo sang ‘Photograph’ bringing the crowd to its feat in a standing ovation.  During this solo performance, photographs  flashed on the screen behind the musician.  What the audience may not have realised, however, was that these pictures were taken by the band member and had, until very recently, been lost in a basement.

It’s been 50 years since The Beatles appeared for the first time on American television on the Ed Sullivan show. Beatlemania already existed in the UK, and their music had made significant inroads into the US by the time the Fab Four touched down at New York’s JFK Airport on 7th February 1964, but their arrival on that day ignited the excitement of a generation and changed music forever. Their influence on not only the lives of their fans throughout the decades but also on other musicians is wholly acknowledged. What made them so successful was the exceptional talent of Lennon & McCartney.


It comes as somewhat of a surprise, then, that the Grammys have taken this long to present the band with a Lifetime Achievement award, but they finally did so at a Special Merit Awards ceremony held on Saturday. Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and George Harrison’s widow Olivia were there to accept the award on behalf of the group. Sir. Paul McCartney was not present as he was busy rehearsing with his band ready for their performance on Sunday night.

beatles 2

 The British are coming – The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show 9th February 1964

Of course, neither Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix ever won a single Grammy over the course of their lifetimes so trying to understand why the panel makes the decisions they make is probably pointless. However, it’s likely the Grammys simply wished to wait until this year to applaud the group as yesterday Paul and Ringo reunited on stage once again for a concert to mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. “The Night That Changed America: A Grammys Salute to The Beatles.” concert features tributes from Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart reuniting as Eurythmics, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Maroon 5, John Mayer and Keith Urban and will be aired on the 50th anniversary on February 9th.

“It’s a long way to the finish” sings Paul during ‘Queenie Eye’. He’s not wrong! The Beatles will live forever.

-Lucy Jenkins.


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