Queen B & Jay Z Drunk In Love on The Grammy’s Stage!

January 27, 2014

Living in the shadow of her man? Never. Arguably, the most adored female artist in music captivated the Grammy’s last night with an astounding performance of “Drunk In Love,” a lead single off the most recent album BEYONCE. 


To say the manner of release for her album was a shock would be an understatement, as would saying the delivery on stage of “Drunk In Love” was flaw-free. Beyonce did not need back-up dancers, an orchestra or an intense set production. Her mere sophistication oozed out of her sexy dance moves making for a tasteful solo entry on stage with a chair as her only prop; the smoke only added to the mystic vibe of the beat drumming in the background. Each move she made strategic, making sure we never took our eyes off her. Some were wondering “how does she keep that figure?” while others remained in awe at her voice effortlessly hitting every note. Can we say we’re shocked? Of course not, it’s Queen B!


The performance was taken full circle and made complete when hubby Jay Z joined her on stage for his verse, which did not lack a hint of admiration. Their chemistry was exploding into the audience as they made their way down from the top stage in sync. Which all just comes together to remind us, the romantics that overflow from this performance serve as a subtle distraction to the true colors of this catchy tune. After all, with lines like “slid the panties right to the side, ain’t got the time to take the drawers off…” we know very well what they’re implying.

With all that said, leave it to the King and Queen to bring the utmost elegance to something no one else could do justice.

Can’t get enough of B? An album with 14 tracks and 17 accompanying video’s can help you out. Just before the end of 2013 Beyonce sprung onto us the self-titled album BEYONCE, literally out of nowhere. So after giving her Grammy performance a couple hundred views, we urge you to slide on over to iTunes and admire, admire then admire some more. Here’s a link to get the ball rolling a little faster: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/beyonce/id780330041

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– Sara Soulati (@SaraSoulati)

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