One Direction’s “Midnight Memories” Music Video – What to Expect

January 6, 2014


One-Direction-Films-Music-Video-Midnight-MemoriesThose boys never truly take a break, do they? One Direction have been spotted hard at work on their latest music video, this time for the title track off their album, “Midnight Memories” – and if the places they’ve been seen are any indication, it’s set to be their best video yet.

The shoot has taken them all over London, from residential streets to dazzling heights (literally) atop the famous Tower Bridge. Despite the chill settling amongst the city, the five have been spotted in good spirits, sporting grins as they’ve greeted one another and crew members whilst on set.

There’s no telling what the boys have in store for us with the new video, but from what we’ve seen in terms of shooting, in addition to the rocky nature of the song itself, it’s bound to be entertaining. The song, which features the lyrics “midnight memories / baby, you and me / stumbling in the street, singing”, is an edgy anthem to late nights spent in the company of someone special, and the antics that can follow. Simply the locations of the music video shoot (*ahem* the TOP of the Tower Bridge?!) are a demonstration of how 1D is spicing things up to match the song’s lyrics – and we can’t WAIT to see the final product.

A release date for the music video has not yet been announced, but it’s likely to drop sometime within the next month or so. In the meantime, One Direction appear to have been given some much-deserved time off until the start of tour rehearsals in March, in which preparation will begin for their mammoth world stadium tour, “Where We Are”.

-Shelley DeHekker


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