Oh No No He’s Confident

January 30, 2014


With much anticipation, Justin Bieber’s newest music video for his journal ‘Confident’ is finally here! Beliebers have been counting down all day anxious to see what JB’s newest music video would entail. Originally set to be released at 7 pm EST on YouTube, Biebs has surprised us yet again and released the video early on BET’s 106 & Park (the link for YouTube is still set to go live at 7pm EST). After he’s been teasing us for days, the time has finally come for the premiere – are you ready for it? I don’t think you are.

Oh no no, oh no no don’t do it to me Justin!  Everything in this video is perfection- from the dance moves to the close ups. The video opens with Cailin (Calin Russo- same lead girl from the ‘All That Matters’ and ‘Wait a Minute’ videos) walking past him outside of a convenience store where she first catches his eye. Throughout the rest of the video he follows her trying to catch up with her to get her attention- love-struck by her looks and personality, as the lyrics explain.

“Focused, I’m focused
She got a body like that
I ain’t never seen nothing like that
Like a fantasy in front of me
I think that something special is going down”

She knows he’s following her, but she’s not stopping. When he finally catches up to her at the counter of the convenient store the music stops so that they can have a brief (and somewhat awkward) conversation. She exposes that her name is Lynn and then they have conversation about Taki chips and and he ruins the conversation with “I wanna Taki to you on the phone.” She then turned and started walking away from him again, assumingly because the conversation wasn’t enough to catch her attention.

As she proceeds to walk away Justin begins to dance behind her (joined with his male dancers). Then she gets on a motorcycle and drives away. The scene then cuts to a club, and that’s when Chance the Rapper comes in. During Chance’s verse Justin spots her in the club and walks up to her and finally catches her attention. They then have a very romantic moment and share a passionate kiss and he asks ‘So can I get your number now?” to end the video.


This is arguably my favorite video by him, minus the mustache (ha ha). The video did a perfect job bringing the lyrics to life and telling this story. When Justin wrote this song you can definitely tell that he was awe-struck by this girl and needed to get her attention. I give props to @ColinTilley for doing an amazing job directing this video.

So let’s forget about all of the drama, and focus on the music as Justin has always asked us to do. No matter what is said about him in the media, he’s one of the most talented people in the music business right now. So let’s forget about everything else and set a new VEVO record for him!

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Brittany Dybiec (@ItsBritMeow)

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