MTV lets Miley Cyrus “do her thang” with unplugged special

January 30, 2014


Oh sweet niblets. Coming out in a red and white checkered one piece with a solid white hat and matching white cowgirl boots, Miley Unplugged started off with Miley Cyrus twerking on a “horse” during her opening number, “4×4”.

However, the entire show was nowhere close to utterly scandalous like expected. The theme was related to Cyrus’ hometown of Nashville, so naturally it was very country and the songs had a different spin. Certainly more stripped down from what the studio versions sound like, but Cyrus didn’t compromise quality with the transition. Her fourth album titled “Bangerz” was released October 4, 2013 and immediately soared to number 1, giving her a fresh start from her “Hannah Montana” fame.


miley Her “Smilers” accepted her new persona very well and Cyrus is extremely grateful for that. “I’m doing this unplugged session mostly because of how awesome you guys have been. Anytime I’ve done anything unplugged and my backyard sessions, it means a lot to me knowing that no matter what I do my fans all know the core of what I do is music, and that’s what I love, and that’s because it runs in my family,” she said.

Cyrus then donned a shredded blue jean outfit with gold bottoms for the second half of the event, yet still maintaining her fresh face of little makeup. Towards the end of the program a tribute was made to country legend Dolly Parton, who Cyrus referred to as “my aunt Dolly”. The 1973 classic “Jolene” was a great choice since Cyrus nailed it with ease.  Catch a glimpse for yourself and watch the whole show here:×4-live/997986/video/#id=1721351.


Cyrus even poked fun at herself for her infamous “Wrecking Ball” music video before she sang the song. “You know….a little while ago I got on a wrecking ball and rode it naked. That happened. I’m about to perform this song all around the world, which has been really amazing to see all my fans everywhere singing the song and relate to the song. Everyone in this room has probably felt this feeling at some point and kind of felt like their whole life came crumbling down. It’s been amazing to see how this song affects people. That’s why I love to make music.”

Wrecking Ball was the highlight, not only because it’s her most popular song but because her voice really shines through in a very organic way, with soulful runs dispersed throughout. If this song in particular doesn’t make it clear, Cyrus has serious talent. It shouldn’t matter what she wears or what crazy things she does on stage because since her Disney days she’s had the power to sing laps around her competitors.

When Cyrus performed the first released hit off the album, “We Can’t Stop”, special guest Madonna joined her on stage. The duo continually mashed it with Madge’s “Don’t Tell Me”. Cyrus promoted the show the day it aired on her Twitter account (@MileyCyrus), while teasing her unexpected collaboration. She attached 2 pictures with the 55 year old, one (top) with the caption “Make sure you watch Miley Unplugged tonight on MTV” and the other (bottom) “@madonna  YEEEE MAAAAA F—INNNN HAAAWWW YALLLL”. Good golly miss Miley.


Next up for Cyrus is a worldwide tour, kicking off on February 14th in Vancouver and ending on June 13th in Barcelona. If you can’t get tickets, visit The site features a chance to win a trip to Miami to get styled, have front row tickets, and even meet the pop star at the concert.

Swing a tweet on over to @weknowthedj and share what your favorite performances of Miley were and what you are hoping to see her do on the Bangerz Tour.

-Lauren Fabiszak @kidrauhlsjonas

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